Thursday, 1 November 2012


Smoque is a new restaurant that opened up in the city recently. It's a Southern American style bbq restaurant and as far as I'm aware, the only one of it's kind in Canberra. And it's amazing!!!!
As soon as you walk in you're hit with the smokey bbq smell, and the decor is very Southern American, with wood and antlers hanging on the wall.
The place has only been open a few weeks and I've already been for lunch there twice, which says something about how great it is because I rarely go to the city. The menu has things like pulled pork, buffalo wings, sandwiches (burgers) and all kinds of slow cooked melt-in-your-mouth delicious meats on a protein platter. They have a whole lot of salads, and fries, nachos, mac and cheese, mexican street corn, and possibly the greatest thing I've ever eaten: blue cheese aioli. They've got a whole bunch of American soft drinks too, including my favourite A&W creamy soda. For after lunch/dinner they have  pies and ice cream. I've had their pumpkin pie (which was really great) but I've seen apple and pecan (really keen to try this one) as well as New York cheesecake and some really really great looking brownies. I've been lurking their facebook page and saw they have peanut butter and bacon chunk ice cream. Yep.
It's just a really great place to eat and I could seriously gush about it forever. I love food, and I've never been to anything like this before. Sure, there's hogsbreath, but it aint got nothing on Smoque.

Here's some pictures from when I went for lunch.

The first time I was with Dad and it was packed so we had to sit up on the bar (they had the NFL on the tv in front of us which was pretty cool). I got an original sandwich (pulled pork, coleslaw and bbq sauce) and we had fries with the blue cheese aioli to share. I got ginger beer served with a cute striped straw.

We shared a piece of pumpkin pie for desert with icecream.

The second time I went with the boy and we got there super early so we got a table. I had the smoque signature (brisket with cream cheese, jalapenos and smoked capsicum). He had 12 hot buffalo wings with blue cheese aioli, and we got fries and mac and cheese to share. The mac and cheese was pretty average, but everything else was amazing. We didn't have enough time for desert, but I almost walked out with a brownie to go.

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