Saturday, 10 November 2012

Wish list: Blush

Wishlist: Blush

1. Benefit Hervana face powder   2. Benefit ChaCha tint lip & cheek stain
   3. Australis High Lights mineral face highligher in Pearl
4. Essence Breaking Dawn pt 2 Blush in Renesmee Red   5. Bourjois little round pot blush in Rose D'or.

So I might want to buy all of Benefit's box o' powders, but that would be silly, right? Hervana looks like the prettiest to me, and when I do a Benefit order in the near future this will be the first thing in my cart. I also love the colour of ChaCha Tint. I'm totally digging coral right now. But I'm not sure how great I'd go at using a cheek stain so I'll just stick to powders for now. I blogged recently about the Australis High Lights mineral face highlighter I won in gold recently, and this is their other shade. Pearl is a lighter, pink colour which I think would suit me a lot better (or at least I would feel more comfortable using). The essence blush is from their Breaking Dawn pt 2 collection and is called Renesmee Red. I think the only reason I want this (and pretty much the entire collection) is because it's Twilight and I used to be a massive fan of Twilight (ok, kinda still am a little...). Regardless, this blush looks a little dark and scary but I will probably end up buying it (and the entire collection) anyway. I'll make sure I give a review when I do! I've heard so many good things about Bourjois blushes but I am yet to buy one for myself and try it out. There are so many shades it's hard to pick a favourite but rose d'or looks like a really nice light pink.

I would also like to add that Rimmel's wake me up instant radiance shimmer touch in peach glow is another illuminator I'd like to try. It's such a pretty colour, but it's a little too close to my Nude by Nature illuminator that it's not worth the purchase. Also, I can't seem to find a picture of that shade on the internet! What's with that? I think it's the nicest of the 4 available shades.

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