Thursday, 29 November 2012

FOTD: Body Shop makeover

Yesterday I went to get a makeover at the Body Shop! A friend of mine had one, spent a lot of money and got another one so she gave it to me. I chose yesterday because I went out to dinner for my boyfriend's birthday. I've only ever had one makeover before, which was pretty rushed and I felt a little uncomfortable because it was in the middle of the mall, but it was a good experience and I learnt a bit (although I don't think enough - I was too scared to ask questions!). The makeovers usually cost $40, but this is fully redeemable in products. I scored another makeover when I made some purchases after the session, which I gave to my boyfriends sister.

It was a good experience. It started with cleansing, toning and moisturising the face using their aloe range for sensitive skin. She then matched my foundation using Extra Virgin mineral powder - which is suited for dry skin. I wanted a natural look, but she suggested using a hint of purple in the eye to make it stand out. She gave me a few options but I opted for purple eyeliner with subtle brown shadow, which I thought looked really good. Then she put the foundation on, then mascara (I hate when other people to my mascara, it's so uncomfortable. Everyone always comments on how long my lash's are so it kinda makes up for it), and a little bit of light blush. I chose a light pink on my lips.  Although this was in the shop, it didn't feel uncomfortable, and the lady was very happy to answer any questions I had about products she used (and didn't make me feel like an idiot for not knowing what toner is supposed to do). It was on a weekday afternoon, so the shop wasn't busy. If I were going again I would make sure I chose a time that was quiet.

Excuse the iphone photos - my good camera was at the boyfriends place.

I ended up buying the powder (shade 105 - rose ivory) and lipstick (shade 48) she used, along with their hemp handcream as my hands have been really really dry lately. I'm very happy with the powder, it gives a light coverage that's good for summer and is also SPF 25, and feels really good on my skin. The lipstick is pretty... in the bullet. Unfortunately it doesn't show up well on my lips (and especially upsetting as it was $23!!). I guess it's a 'your lips but better' kinda lippy, but that's not what I was after. Hopefully I can get it to work, but if it doesn't I may have to give it away. I haven't used the hand creme enough to really know how well it works, but I've got high hopes. I really like the smell of it too.



heavy swatch of the lipstick

lipstick in natural light.


  1. I didn't know that the body shop did make overs :) I have never tried their makeup before!

    1. It's pretty fun having it done. Their makeup is pretty pricy but it's good quality (except for that damn lipstick).

  2. That eyeliner looks great on you!