Monday, 5 November 2012

Australis High Lights

I haven't really ever used highlighters. I'm still not really sure how they're supposed to work or where to put them. I only own 2, this one and Nude by Natures' flawless liquid lustre, and I haven't used either much.

This is one of Australis' 2 new High Lights Mineral Face highlighters. I won this from a Priceline competition on twitter. I got in the colour gold. I probably would have preferred their other shade, pearl, but I guess the world is set on me trying new things. It was free so I am not complaining. I like that it's a pump pack which makes it a lot easier to get only a little out (unlike my other which is in a tube and squirts wayyyyy too much out).

I've been using this on my cheeks over coral coloured blush. The colour is quite nice, and would be great for summer. It has a fine shimmer to it, and it is fairly long lasting considering I rarely use a primer. I'm sure I'll be able to get some good use out of it, but I'm more of a pink cheeks kinda gal. I will probably end up buying this in pearl though.

Heavily swatched (l) and blended (r).


  1. Thanks for posting a review :) I was thinking of picking this up in pearl!

  2. I was about to pick these up last week and have been regretting it since :P Might try priceline tomorrow!

    1. Kmart have a $4 off Australis products starting Thursday if you can find one there!