Tuesday, 27 November 2012

What I watch: Tv shows

I love a good TV series. I prefer watching them to movies as you get a more in depth story. You can really get hooked on the characters and plots. I've been watching and loving a few shows lately and I thought I'd share. You can tell I'm more of an action/drama kinda person rather than comedy.
Warning: SPOILERS!!!!

The Walking Dead
I don't know how I lived without this show. It is the perfect show for me. A guy wakes up from a coma in a post zombie apocalyptic world and has no idea what the hell is going on. Now, 2 series and 6 episodes in, they're almost a year post-zombies and still fighting for their lives. This series is really captivating and each episode seems to always end on a cliffhanger and leave you wanting more. Each episode never fails to have you gripping your blanket or sitting on the edge of your seat in fear of zombies jumping out at the characters. I've read up to vol. 6 of the comics too and love them almost as much.

I've always loved NCIS, and Abby is definitely one of the reasons I love science so much. She seems to make forensics look so cool. I've just finished watching season 8 (spoiler: have tissues handy for the last episode) and can't wait to find the 9th season somewhere (cheap...) to buy. For some reason, even with my love for science, it's one of the only criminal investigation shows I'll watch. I love the tension between Tony and Ziva, and McGee and Abby.

This is the only other criminal investigation show I watch, and I love how science based it is (even though a lot of the 'science' - as with NCIS,  is in fact bollocks). Booth and Bones are a perfect crime solving team and I love watching the tension between them (obviously I'm a sucker for romance. I've only seen to the end of season 6, and I know there's a baby a-commin! I just need to find the next season(s) somewhere for cheap!). I wish Australian television wouldn't muck around so much with Bones... I had to stop watching because they kept putting repeats on and I found it so hard to keep up.

Grey's Anatomy
Favourite. Definitely my favourite. I've loved this show for a good 8 years now and can always go back to season 1 and watch them through. So much has happened over the years... Denny, Ava, Derek and Burke being shot, evil spawn growing up, the dancing, SERIOUSLY?, and oh dear god Lexie, Mark... George *tear*. I'm so attached to this show I think it's real life and pretty much every episode now has me in tears (I get this would usually be a bad thing...) Unfortunately, the last season wasn't so great and the plot seems to have slowed down a LOT (it used to be pretty fast-paced, but now they're stuck and not moving anywhere) and if the first seasons weren't pure gold I probably wouldn't still be watching it, but I'm hooked and I cannot stop. I hope they stop soon and go out on a good thing instead of fizzing out and getting canceled. I will love it till the end (if only for McDreamy *swoon*).


  1. I'm a sucker for a good TV show to i think i own too many tv show on dvd and i own like 5 movies haha..
    I love grey's anatomy I've been watching it since the beginning but season 9 is starting to bug me it's to depressing.
    I'm currently obsessed with Suits, Law & Order SVU & Revenge to name a few :)

    1. Season 9 is depressing (although the episode that's airing in Austalia tonight seems promising). I haven't heard of suits but I would probably love SVU.

  2. I love walking dead... I am watching season 3 as its being released. I also watch American Horror Story, Homeland and I can't wait for Breaking Bad to start back up!

    1. I have to watch it each week too. My boyfriend has been loving breaking bad recently and tells me I need to get into it.

  3. The walking dead is my favourite! I love the comics too <3 I don't watch Bones but I have heard so much about it that I need to get on that train haha!

    1. You should! Start from season 1 too (you'd be able to find it cheap on eBay).