Thursday, 8 November 2012

ELF and NYX.

3 weeks ago I did an order from I'd heard some good things about the ELF studio blushes, and I'd also been looking at NYX ultra pearl mania loose eyeshadows. There are a few sites selling both of these, but beautyjoint seemed to have the cheapest products and shipping, and I don't mind waiting for things.
Picking the blushes were easy. I wanted a coraly/peachy colour and peachy keen was a cool name. Yes, I chose things based on names rather than what they actually look like! I also chose tickled pink because I heard it was a lovely pink colour with minimal glitter. Choosing the pigments was a little tougher. I wanted some pinks because I didnt have any pink shadows, and pink is my favourite colour. I didn't want to just get 2, but trying to pick a 3rd was hard. There were so many lovely colours, but in the end I ended up just getting Penny, a colour I think goes with the pinks nicely. I also ordered a pack of 2 eyeshadow brushes from La Colours - a shader and a blender.
They came very well packaged in bubble wrap, the blushes wrapped together, and the eyeshadows and brushes wrapped together.

Tickled Pink (l) and Peachy Keen (r)
Peachy keen (l) and tickled pink (r)

You can see how sheer they are in the swatch. I tried to get more colour but I just couldn't. They're very powdery, almost chalky, too. Ok for $4 each, but I think it would be worth spending more to get better quality. In saying that, they're not this sheer when applied on the cheeks and you can build up a decent colour.

NYX ultra pearl mania baby pink (l), very pink pearl (m) and penny (r).
I put my Australis domed eyeshadow brush (from the 5 piece travel set) in for size comparison. The openings for this are pretty hard to get into, but I have some small bead containers coming that I will depot them into. These are also somewhat chalky in texture, and felt kinda weird when I applied them. They were only $3 each though, and the colour is nice, so I might get over that. They're pretty sheer too, but not so much when applied over a primer.

baby pink (l), very pink pearl and penny (r).

A photo showing the blender (l) and shader (r) brushes. You can tell from this photo how poor quality they are. They'll do the job though until I get around to buying some better quality brushes, and together they were only $2.25.

I would do an order from beautyjoint again, but I have read some horrible stories about them on the internet about appalling customer service and broken nail polishes.

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  1. Good haul! I love Beautyjoint, they have some awesome things! I always get my order in about a week, which is awesome as well!
    I felt the same way about the Elf blushes. They're okay but there are better ones out there! At least they aren't expensive!