Thursday, 29 November 2012

MAC mini haul

My friend came back from America this week and gave me an early Christmas present, which was a MAC lipstick and eyeshadows! Before she left America I asked her to pick me up a few shades if she had the time (because of how much cheaper they are there), and when I saw her she gave them to me as a Christmas present. I've never used MAC before, but I've been lusting after getting my hands on pretty much anything from MAC. I got Vegas Volt lipstick, and eyeshadow pro pan refills in Cranberry and Sketch. I don't have a pro pan but I intend on picking one up from MAC in Myer ASAP (unless anyone else has a better suggestion?)

Vegas Volt, Sketch (front) and Cranberry (back)

I'm so stoked with these! Vegas Volt is a coral that's perfect for summer (and surprisingly not the same as all the other corals I own). It's so creamy and easy to apply, and quite opaque. It has that nice vanilla scent that everyone says MAC lipsticks have. It's an amplified finish.
The eyeshadows were a bit tricky to choose. I wanted to get a whole lot more, but thought I'd stick to 2 for now. I've seen a lot of bloggers raving about Cranberry lately and thought I'd give it a go (also, I love cranberry juice so it seemed right). It's a lovely dark purpley-red that would give a neutral smokey eye look a real pop. I've been sticking to neutrals lately so this is something different. It's a frost finish. Sketch is a dark brown with red tones with a velvet finish, and will be a great crease colour. These colours go well together, and even though they're more autumny colours, I'm so excited to use them.

Natural Light (l-r): Vegas Volt, Sketch, Cranberry

With flash (l-r) Vegas Volt, Sketch, Cranberry

natural light

with flash


  1. you should consider getting a Z palette. I like the look of them better than the Mac Palettes and they can fit products of all shapes and sizes.
    I only say this because i don't tend to buy product all from the same brand and unless your planning on buying that many mac pans I think its worth taking a look at..
    I love MAC but I don't Love the prices here is Australia.

    1. I have been thinking about getting a Z palette - that way I can get a pink one! The price here in Australia does suck!

  2. Lucky you :) My friend is over in the US at the moment so he's bringing me back some MAC too :)

    I love the sleekness of the MAC palettes.. other people prefer Z palette's but I think they're a bit ugly actually...

    1. wow, can't believe you managed to get a guy to get you some! Awesome.

      The MAC ones also seem like they'd be a little sturdier.

  3. I love love, LOVEEE Vegas Volt! I wish MAC were cheaper here in India too! :/

  4. Wow the Vegas Volt looks great on you! Thats definitely going on my xmas wishlist this year ;)

    1. Thanks, it's such a great colour for summer!