Saturday, 28 January 2012

Coast Trip!

Just spent the last 3 days at my friend's house at the coast. Had a blast and we didn't even end up at the beach!
It was raining a little when we got there, but we still ended up in the pool!
Australia day was our friends birthday, so after a big breakfast we went to play tennis, which was actually really fun, and I was pretty good even though I'd never really played before. We had to play the start of the hottest 100 out of the car. After tennis we commenced the drinking and sitting round listening to the radio. Also jumped in the pool a few times. I made a bet with Adam that Gotye wouldn't win hottest 100. Which was a bit silly, but good thing it was only $5.
Yesterday the weather was a bit crappy so we went into town to get some fish and chips and catch up with a friend. Also got some ice cream and a lot of lollies!
Fun 'weekend'. I shot 3 rolls of film, one using a panorama camera I got recently, so I'm excited to see how they turn out! Here are some photos from my phone though.

 Wicked old bus we saw on the highway

Coming down the mountain. It's a pretty scary road, but the view makes it worth it.

 We had to stop for some cows crossing the road, so we became real tourists and jumped out of the car to take photos.

Birthday cake! Baked by my friends' mum. It was really good.

Friends backyard was covered in flowers and was really pretty. I took some good photos of my friends playing in the flowers with my film camera.

When we were eating fish and chips, there were people cleaning fish near us. So a couple of pelicans swooped down to watch. They're scary birds!

Finally, the view from my friends backyard. It's so beautiful there.

Monday, 23 January 2012


Today I went to drop 2 rolls of film off to get developed. I usually go to Kmart, but Toby reminded me they tend to stuff me around a lot, so I tried the dry cleaner/photo place on the same level as my work. Usually Kmart takes a bit over a week to get film back because they have to send it to Melbourne. Not this place! I got the photos back today! Here is some of my favourites

From Groovin the Moo in May last year! was crazy to find pictures from that long ago on there. I think I have even older ones on film I still haven't finished. I'm pretty sure this is Darwin Deez.

 Ballon I saw floating along one morning before work.

This is the front of a cute little shop in Braidwood called Hoola Hoop. They sell 50's style clothing and accessories. The wicked car out the front belongs to the shop too!

These two photos are from a recent trip to Batemans Bay. The weather wasn't good enough to go swimming :(

Sadie making friends at the dog park. One of the few times she hasn't whimpered out and stood at the gate crying to get out. She's very timid.

 Barbeque at Uriarra.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Movie Marathon

I've never been a big movie buff, I've usually preferred to watch tv series' rather than movies. I haven't seen movies like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and a lot of other movies that people can't believe I've never seen. These holidays I tried to fix this. Not exactly by watching movies people would classify as 'good', but I've been to the video shop at least once a week since the start of December. I made a list of movies involving apocalypse, virus outbreaks, aliens and zombies to hire. Unfortunately, the list is so full of absolute rubbish that I've only managed to find about half of the movies and I've been to a few different video stores, and looked in JB. Anyway, here is a few of my favourites (so far).

Dirty War
This movie is about a terrorist attack in London using a 'dirty bomb', which is a homemade nuclear device. It shows the lead up to the attack, and how the police tried to track down the terrorists before they could set the bomb off. It's pretty interesting if you're into that kind of thing - in my case nuclear bombs and their aftermath. This shows the government having little to no clue about how to deal with this sort of situation.


This movie is about an ebola virus making it's way into America from a monkey. It shows the potential of the virus, luckily only contained to a small country town, to spread very quickly. The government want to destroy the town to contain the virus, but microbiologists are sure there is another way.
A very young Patrick Dempsy is in this movie, which was a mega bonus, and it's also got Morgan Freeman.

Deep Impact
A giant meteor is going to crash into the earth and cause an E.L.E, or extinction level event. The government plans to send up a ship called Messiah to blast it with atomic bombs. They have also built caves for people to evacuate to until the the earth is habitable again incase the Messiah doesn't work. This movie also has Morgan Freeman in it. This is probably the best of all the movies about impending doom from meteors (which basically all use the 'lets send people, sometimes not even trained astronauts, up to space with a nuke to destroy the meteor before it can kill us all' plot) Armageddon comes second.


Independence Day.
Will Smith is really hilarious in this movie! All movies, really, but he makes this movie about 100 times better than what it would be. There is also a trip into Area 51! Spaceships hover above several US cities and eventually destroy them. Survivors flock to Area 51, where they find aliens and alien spacecraft. An IT nerd and Will Smith (air force pilot) need to fly the alien spacecraft to the mothership so it and the ships on earth can be destroyed.

Other top movies include: Contagion (both the new and old versions, although the old one has awful acting I love infectious diseases!), Super 8, Armageddon, 28 days later, Dawn of the Dead and The Andromeda Strain. Also, if you're up for a tv series, Jericho is amazing. I'm a bit of a fan of Skeet Ulrich in it!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Untitled #22

I have a few obsessions. Modcloth and food are two big ones I'm fighting, or not fighting at the moment. I spend a lot more time and money on modcloth than I should. Maybe it's not so bad though, clothes shops here at the moment aren't so great, so I'm forced to spend my money online so I don't have to wear their crap. Either way, I should probably stop spending money here. I have enough clothes at the moment, and I really need to start saving so I can travel! I've already received the shoes, the purple dress, and the ring and I love them all! They go together so lovely. All of my friends know I love food. I talk about food a lot... so the good enough to eat dress was pretty much made for me! I cannot wait to get it. In other news, I spend $20 on A merican chocolates, and some lollies today. Yum!
Welcome to my blog.

I'm not sure how this is going to go, or if I'll even use it, but I thought I'd better write a post to start off with.

Maybe a little about me? I'm a 20 year old from Australia, currently studying Medical Science at uni. Working in a coffee shop on weekends/whenever I can. I've made some lovely friends there during my 4 and a half years of working there. I've got a little collection of tattoos, which I don't plan to stop adding to anytime soon. 5 at the moment, which includes a rather large gypsy sugar skull and some roses on my left arm. I collect film cameras, although over the last year I haven't been using them as much as I would like to. The collection includes 3 polaroid cameras (2 that i've never been able to and never will be able to use), a holga, a tlr that I got to build myself, a panorama I found at an op shop for a couple of bucks, and lots more lovely 35mm's. I'd really like to do more photography, but uni has been taking up most of my tiem.

Lately I've been getting really interested in reading blogs. I've been on tumblr for about a year and a half now, but it's a bit limiting. I really have no clue about coding, so I don't know how interesting looking I'll be able to make this blog. But I'm sure the content will be gold (not really...).