Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Mini Benefit haul

Yesterday I received a package in the mail from Benefit! I did an order a little over a week ago because I wanted some things for christmas presents, but of course I had to buy something for myself to make shipping worthwhile ;) It came quite a bit quicker than I was expecting.

I bought myself Sweet-n-wow! which is a full sized sugarbomb blush with a deluxe sample (4ml) of posietint. I also had a code to get deluxe samples of Dr Feelgood, girl meets pearl and the total moisture facial cream, along with the usual 2 free samples which I got Hello flawless in ivory and the porefessional.

This is my first high end blush and I am super happy with it. There is barely any fallout in the pan, unlike my cheaper blushes. When the colours are mixed together it gives a subtle pinky-peachy colour which would be great for every day wear. The brush is super soft and good for application. And it smells really nice! Keeping the brush in the box can cause dents in the pan though, so it might not be so great for traveling if you can't keep the brush separate.

(l-r) Shade on there right anticlockwise to bottom shade.

Sugarbomb blended

I am beyond happy with posietint. I was a bit wary of this. I went to look at it in Myer after I bought it to see what it was like, and the colour in the bottle is almost flouro-pink as you can see in the picture above. I've never used a tint before either so I was worried I wouldn't be able to use it properly. Oh how wrong I was. This is super easy to use and it blends to a perfect colour pink for my skin. Benefit also suggest using this under sugarbomb.

(l-r) blended girl meets pearl, heavy swatch of posietint and posietint blende.

Now to the samples. I really like girl meets pearl. It gives a lovely shiney look to your cheeks. It is quite similar to my Nude by Nature illuminator, but I will definitely get use out of it. I also really like the total moisture facial cream. It's nice and moisturising and not too heavy and it has a nice scent.  I would definitely purchase this if I was willing to fork out for face cream (I go through so much moisturiser I usually just get a giant pump pack of sorbolene which I think works fine - I also have a tub of Aesop face cream I got as a gift to get through). I'm not entirely sure I will get much use out of Dr Feelgood. It's a 'velvety complexion balm' that is supposed to 'mattify shine and smooth away the appearance of fine lines'. I don't have a problem with oil or fine lines.

Hello flawless in ivory was a pretty good match for my skin colour. You only get one application out of the sample and I don't feel it gave very good coverage. I prefer liquids anyway so I probably wouldn't purchase this. I haven't tried porefessional yet, but I don't have large pores so it'll just be used as a primer.

As for the other part of the order, you'll have to wait till after Christmas to see it ;)


  1. I LOVE Benefit :)
    I recently purchased some items from their website also im looking forward to getting them hopefully they arrive soon :)
    i used the code to get the samples and they were out of the Dr. feelgood but i get the other 2 samples you got I'm pretty excited :)
    I'm already planning my next purchase

    1. It's great they're a brand you can buy directly from the US instead of paying the inflated Australian prices! Means you can buy lots of things and not feel too guilty, haha.

  2. I adore sugarbomb, but I haven't had much luck with posietint. I placed an order a couple weeks ago and should receive the deluxe samples you did! I ordered a couple more blushes because they're so fantastic! I didn't like total moisture too much, but I don't mind their triple performing facial emulsion.