Sunday, 4 November 2012

Wish list: Eyeshadow

Eyeshadows are one product where it seems you can never have enough of. I mean, putting the same shades on every day gets a bit repetitive. Currently I only have 1 decent palette - Australis paparazzi perfect HD in Snap Attack, which I think is pretty fantastic (especially when it came with a free eyeshadow primer), along with 2 essence stay all day creams (both neutrals and great) and a couple of shadows I got with my october bellabox. So it would be nice to be able to choose what colours I wear.

Wishlist: Eyeshadow

1. Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette   2. MAC pro pan refill in Cranberry   3. MAC pro pan refill in Shroom 
4. MAC pro pan refill in Sketch   5. MUA pretty pastels palette
 6. Revlon ColorStay 12-hour eyeshadow in precious metals.

Ok, so maybe my wishlist is staying towards the neutral side of things. I don't really mind. Of course I have a naked palette on my wishlist, although it's probably something I will never get around to purchasing. The MAC shadows are just 3 that caught my eye, and I think they'd work well together. I would love to pick some up when I travel next year and getting a pro palette seems like the way to go. I know when I do it's going to be tough to decide which shades to buy! The MUA pretty pastels palette is full of really lovely soft colours. They look lovely, but I've heard mixed reviews about how good they actually are. I'm planning on getting this one when they have their 35% off sale (read about that here). This Revlon palette caught my eye when OzSale had a sale on Revlon products. It was only $8, but I decided against getting it because I didn't really need it. I am kicking myself a little bit because they also had lip butters for I think $14? Maybe next time.


  1. Well if you change your mind and decide you need those revlon products...they are on ebay pretty damn cheap ;)

  2. Oh thanks! Just looking now... looks like people have realised they can make some money off the poor Aussies who would otherwise have to pay double what they're selling them for!

  3. Oh, I LOVE palettes, they are so easy to carry around and I also love how they are usually great value, you somehow always get better bargains with a palette.

    Also love that it's usually complementary colours all handily packaged in one compact!

    I think Revlon do excellent palettes, so you should definitely pick them up during a sale. A few more low-budget brands that I really have fallen in love with recently are Make Up Academy (MUA), Sleek and Beauty UK.