Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Lust Have it! October

I wasn't impressed with this months box. I've come to the realisation that I probably only need to get one subscription box (I don't use that much skincare other than moisturisers, and skincare I can't use seems to be what both brands boxes are filled with) and I've been far more happy with Bellabox than Lust Have It!, so this month is my last LHI (unless they really get it together and start giving great boxes).
Here's what I got. I wanted to use all of the products before I did this post, but I just didn't want to use them, which is surely a bad sign.

Mask in a Cup facial mask for sensitive skin. I'm not really a mask person, but I have dry sensitive skin so I will use this.

NYX nail polish in clear. This would have made me like the box, but I never use clear nail polish. Unless it's a top or base coat. And I already have a great top coat. I did use this as a top coat though and it's pretty thick and fast drying.

Avéne cleanance skin. I'm not quite sure what cleanance is supposed to mean... but this stuff is for oily skin, so it's going to dry out my already dry skin. I might use the gel, but I already have a good cleanser.

Caron Waxaway ready to use sensitive wax strips. I don't wax, so I probably wont end up using these.

Star & Rose white bath fizzer. I have a bath bomb from lush I haven't used, so I doubt this one will be used any time soon. Especially since we're heading into summer.

As you can see, a pretty disappointing box. Can't win 'em all.


  1. A lot of people have been disappointed with this box! I hope next month works out better for you lust have it girls :)

  2. I'm so glad I dropped lust have it months ago! I have been on and off with bellabox though as I love the concept but I never use the samples.