Tuesday, 13 November 2012

New lip products

(l-r) Australis colour inject mineral lipstick in Honky Tonk, Face of Australia lip quench in Lychee Crush and Essence stay with me lasting lipgloss in Me and My Ice Cream.

As you can see from my recent lipstick wishlist post, I've been wanting to try honky tonk and lychee crush. I managed to get honky tonk during the priceline 20% off sale, and, after a lot of searching, I found Lychee Crush at Big W. Honky Tonk is such a nice coraly pink colour, and it's not too in your face so it's good for every day wear. Unfortunately it doesn't last very long, only a couple of hours, and isn't so great for dry lips. I don't really need to talk about Lychee Crush, seeing as everyone ever already owns it, but I am super happy with it. I haven't actually bought a lipgloss in ages. I had some when I was in high school, and since then I've always thought of them as messy and sticky (of course because I used to buy cheeeeap brands, and back then they were horrible). This one is just the right about of glossy and not too sticky. It also has a really nice colour and is good for putting over pinky lipsticks or just by itself. I especially liked how cheap it was (less than $5!).

Australis honky tonk.

Face of Australia Lychee Crush

Essence me & my ice cream.

(l-r) honky tonk, lychee crush and me & my ice cream.


  1. I need to pick up Lychee crush but my local priceline never has it! :(

    1. It's such a hard shade to find! I haven't seen it since I bought mine. I've also noticed priceline haven't been good at restocking their FOA stands (or any stand really, in any shop). Maybe us girls are just too good at clearing them out?

  2. Nice post dear :)

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