Thursday, 27 September 2012

Addiction: Nail Polish

A few months ago I hardly ever painted my nails and I only had a handful of polishes. Now, I paint them at least once a week and my collection of polishes has grown exponentially!
I've got a few different brands, some OPI and essie, but really my favourite is the $2 Ulta3 you get from the chemists. This stuff rivals the best of them, and you can get 10 bottles for the price of one OPI.

This is my latest haul. I was originally not going to buy more nail polish till I'd used all the ones I already have at least once, but I needed a little pick me up on my work break. Why not spend not much money on lots of polish eh? I actually have a list of colours I'm allowed to buy (yes really) but these polishes are in bins, so it's a bit hard to be picky about what you're after. Turns out only one of the colours was on my list. Whoops. But I am happy with them all.
These photos really don't show the colours (and I am far too lazy to do swatches). Twilight fever is a sparkly purple with grey tones, and wild berry is grey with blue tones. Watermelon and party shoes are just nice pinks. 

L-R: Rimmel Pop!, OPI Rainbow Connection, The one that got away, Stranger Tides, Italian Love Affair, and Ulta3 Earl Grey.

I think I'll be trying wild berry with either watermelon or Essie's fear or desire next time I do my nails. I also bought some Thin Lizzy 6 in 1 while I was at the chemist. I was with my friend paying for the polish when she spotted it (she's a kiwi) and because you got 2 powders, 2 eyeliners (half black+half brown), 2 lipglosses and 2 brushes for $50, we thought we may as well try it. The colour seems too dark for me but I really don't know if I'm doing it right, haha. The lipgloss is super sticky (I haven't used gloss in years though so I have nothing to compare it too), but the eyeliner and brush are decent.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Hello again.

So I've decided to start blogging again, mostly after reading through a million beauty blogs lately and baking 1 million cupcakes. And, you know, I have a huge amount of assessment due so I need another thing to help me procrastinate. It seems like the more urgent an assessment is, the more I procrastinate. How did I get this far in uni?

Uni is almost over for me, I only have a handful of weeks left now. And in those weeks are too many reports and presentations. 

So, for my birthday the boy (and fam) got me a Kitchenaid!! It's actually amazing and made making 5 lots of cupcakes a breeze. Also it's pink, which makes it infinitely better. Making all these cupcakes was pretty fun, even if I was on a pretty tight time frame (thanks to my mixer!). I don't have much experience with icing, but I think these turned out pretty good looking. The first batch were for a friend from uni who needed them for a friends baby shower. The second I baked for mum for her work morning tea. They're vanilla, and i piped some raspberry coulis in the middle. They taste pretty great.

Here are some flowers too... it's spring now and I like all the flowers.