Tuesday, 4 December 2012

November favourites

December already!? This year has gone crazy fast. I've been pretty busy the last wek with parties, working and finishing the last of my uni assessments (it looks like I've passed all my units this semester, so I get to graduate!!!). Everyone seems to have already done their November favourites posts, but better late than never.

I had a whole heap of favourites this month, which I think is a combination of buying a whoooole lotta new products, and finally having a job where I can wear make up without it smudging off and my face getting covered in chocolate powder. I guess these are the products I've used the most.

Nude by Nature tinted moisturiser in nude beige. This has been my favourite thing to put on my face this month, it's light so great for the hot weather we've had this month - along with the sun protection.
Benefit Total Moisture facial cream is a real good face cream. It feels so nice and doesn't irritate my skin. This is a sample and it doesn't have much left and I'll be sad when it's finished (it's too expensive for me to buy again in the near future).
The Body Shop Cranberry Joy hand cream. I love this range! So so much! I love the ginger sparkle too but I like the cranberry a little more (probably because of my love for cosmopolitans). If you haven't smelt it, get your butt into a Body Shop ASAP! The smell reminds me of when I was in the UK for Christmas 2 years ago and it snowed - so it reminds me of the good bits of Christmas (I'm usually the grinch, but having a white Christmas was really amazing). I've yet to buy anything more from the range - only because I can't choose what else I want and I don't want to buy everything. Also, if you use the cranberry and the ginger hand creams together it smells even more amazing.
Covergirl Lashblastvolume mascara. This is my go to mascara at the moment (and I have 7 mascaras!). I won it in a facebook comp and am so glad I got introduced to it. It makes my lashes huge.
Revlon colorburst lip butter in Peach Parfait. This gives a subtle reddy pink colour to my lips with a nice shimmer. I think everyone knows why it's here, but I've been using this colour more than strawberry shortcake.
MUA undressed pallet. This is my first neutral palette (and first neutral eyeshadows) and I've been using it a lot. Shades 2 and 9 are my favourites. Read more about it, and see the other shades here.
(l-r) Revlon lip butter, MUA undressed shade 2 and 9.

Face of Australia Pastels nail enamel in Would You like some Orange Sherbet and Castle on a Cloud. This range has been a huge hit, and is perfect for spring and summer. I picked up these, along with blue moon, but I've found myself using these ones more (I can't choose a favourite though). The photo below is 2 (relatively thick) coats. Usually they're quite hard to get looking opaque and even, but today they went on really easily.

Honourable mentions: Australis colour inject mineral lipstick in honky tonk, Palmolive strawberry smoother body butter body wash, and 4me nail polish remover pads.


  1. Castle on a cloud is so lovely, the pastels were such a great release!

  2. I'm loving my mini benefit total moisture I've only had it for a week nd I'm trying not to go through it all :)
    I've never tried a covergirl Mascara but I here they r good :)
    Great favourites post

    1. If you ever need to buy a new mascara I would definitely recommend it!

  3. So many raved about products here :) I have had my eye on the MUA undressed palette but I have the UD Naked palette and I am trying to be good! haha

    1. But it's so cheap it's ok, haha! Or you could wait till they reach 50k fans on facebook and have their 50% off + free shipping sale and try your luck (although judging from the 35k fan sale it's going to be hard to buy things).

  4. I love the MUA undressed palette! Its the best haha Loving the pastel nails - it seems like they are sold out where ever I look! :(


  5. I love Lashblast, such a great mascara. Haven't used it in awhile though, been using Maybelline One by One which is lovely!
    Loving the pastel nail polishes, Castle on a Cloud looks really pretty!
    Great review :)

  6. Great faves:) love Lash blast mascara!
    New follower:)