Sunday, 17 February 2013

Weekly Nail: Pistachio and Peach

This week I thought I'd share a mani done with two polishes that are new to my collection. Both polishes I've actually never used before, and I couldn't decide between them so I went with both!
I used Revlon Peach Smoothie, from their scented collection, and MUA Pistachio Ice Cream from my latest MUA haul.

Peach Smoothie is a lovely pastel orange colour with a slight shimmer, which I managed to pick up at Priceline for $5 a few weeks ago. It applies quite sheer but builds colour easily, with only 3 coats needed to get opaque. It was definitely the easiest of the two to apply. It does have a little peach scent to it when it's dry, but it's quite a chemically smell and not that strong, so I wouldn't purchase if the only reason you're getting it is for the scent. For some reason it dried with a lot of bumps! All the nails with this polish on seem to have them.
I was really expecting a more greeny colour from Pistachio Ice Cream, so I was a bit disappointed when it dried more blue than green. This is without a doubt the streakiest polish I've ever used! The brush is really coarse and small, and to get a decent coverage you really need a lot of polish on the brush. It wasn't too bad after 3 coats (2 heavy coats would have done, but I made the mistake of doing a really thin first coat) and it evened out a little. The wear time on this is not great. I had chipping on almost all of the nails with this polish the day after I applied it (and used Sally Hansen Diamond Shine Base and Top Coat). None of the nails with Revlon nails had chipped yet! I'm a bit dissapointed with this polish, but I can't really complain for a polish that's worth all of about $1.50 (and I got it half price too). I would like to try some more MUA polishes when I get to the UK and I have my eye on Mud Pie, so hopefully that works out better.

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