Thursday, 21 February 2013

Review: MUA Pro-Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit

 After buying an eyebrow pencil from Australis and not having much luck with it, I gave filling in my brows with some eyeshadow a go. It seemed to work well but the colours were not quite right and I felt I needed something to set my brows. I decided to buy the MUA brow kit to give it a go. It comes with 2 brow shades, a highlight shade, a gel, a double ended brow brush, some mini tweezers and a huge ass mirror!

The actual packaging of this product does seem cheap, it has a magnetic closure which doesn't seem very secure so I'd be a bit worried about traveling with it, but for a RRP of £3.50 (about $5) that's not really a big issue. The huge mirror is great and it's big enough to be able to do your eyebrows with. The tweezers are also useful to have on hand - I know I always loose mine. The double sided brush is also handy, one side for powder and one side for gel. The powders are really powdery! When you touch them with the brush it creates so much powder (as you can kind of see in the top right shade in the picture below). They're pretty pigmented, kind of chalky but they still work well and blend ok. I find I have to mix the two top shades to get a good colour. As for the highlight colour, it's way too dark to be able to use as a highlight. The gel is good, it doesn't look to gel-like on your brows, but I have found sometimes when applying it, it just rubs off some of the powder, so you have to be careful.

Overall, I'm really happy with this product, especially when I got it half price! It's a great brow kit for people who aren't to confident filling in their brows (like me) and would be great to use until I get the hang of it and can afford one with a bit better quality - Like the Urban Decay one, or even the new Face of Australia brow kit.


  1. This looks great, that middle shade looks perfect for my brows :) Mua products are such good prices, especially when they are 50% off!

    1. MUA make mostly decent products too which makes it even better that they're so cheap! There's probably a shade for everyone with this palette because mixing the powders together is so easy.

  2. I'm so lazy, I don't do anything to my brows except keep them in place with a clear gel. Ahhh, I probably should pay more attention to them!