Tuesday, 5 February 2013

January Empties

This month is the first month I've actually had something interesting to post about as an empties post. I've been aiming to use up a lot of things, as I don't want to have a lot of stuff (especially skincare) lying around here while I'm in the UK for 7 months! I mostly used up a bunch of samples from subscription boxes.

Lots of Mascaras
Rimmel X volume Flash, Australis Lash TLC conditioning mascara, Maybelline One by One Volum' Express and Rimmel Scandaleyes Show Off. 
Not shown: Maybelline waterproof define-a-lash.
These mascaras were the main reason I did this post. I didn't actually empty them, I just threw them all out! I somehow managed to accumulate a lot of mascaras last year, most of them I didn't actually purchase - winning them or getting them in a subscription box. Most of these are hardly touched, but I never use them so they're just sitting around wasting space. These were either really clumpy or dry. I did use the Rimmel Scandeleyes and the Maybelline One by One for a few weeks, but then I got the Covergirl LashBlast Volume and started using that every day. I threw out another this month, the Maybelline waterproof define-a-lash. I used to LOVE Maybelline mascaras all through high school, (this one and Great lLash) but this one was pretty awful. Maybe it was because I had it for a while, but I do remember first opening it and not being as impressed as I used to be.
I wouldn't repurchase any of these, seeing as Covergirl LashBlast Volume mascara is way better!
Brushes - Rimmel X Volume Flash, Australis TLC, Maybelline One by One and Rimmel Scandaleyes

Maybelline Baby Lips Cherry Velvet
This is the first lip balm I've actually managed to use all up! I have a habit of loosing them. This one I may have had some help finishing from the washing machine...
I really love baby lips lipbalm and I'll definitely repurchase.

Sally Hansen Maximum Growth
When I first bought this I used it as a treatment (applying every day for 7 days) and it worked ok, except I got impatient and peeled it off a lot. Then I got lazy and just wanted to use it as a base coat. It's not really empty but it's too old to keep using. I would repurchase this again, but for the time being I need something a little more stronger and I'm trying the Diamond Strength top and base coat.

4me nail polish remover
I got this in a bellabox and love them. Usually removing nail polish for me is a nightmare but these are pretty great. I can usually manage to take off glittery polish using just one pad (it is a struggle though!).
I would definitely repurchase - once bellabox restock them!

Swisspers make up pads
I don't really need to talk about these, everyone knows why you need them and of course I'll be repurchasing - this, or whatever brand is cheapest at priceline.

Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream sample
I got this sample when I did an order before Christmas and it's the best facecream I've used. I would love to repurchase this but it's a little too expensive!

Swisse and Allegra Rhodes Ocean Mist handcream samples
These were both great creams and both smelt nice. The sample size of the Swisse one meant I got to try more of that so liked it better. I also like it's price tag better and would be more likely to repurchase that! I may use my bellabox points to buy a full size of the Allegra Rhodes but it's big and doesn't seem like it would be a good container for travelling.

Bioderma Créaline H2O sample
This stuff was great at removing heavy eye makeup with ease. I would repurchase, but not for the Australian RRP. Maybe I can find some cheap when I travel!

USPA Supernatural Wheatgrass Solar Energy Leave-In Serum sample
A leave in conditioner. Good for the hair but it doesn't smell very nice. I wouldn't repurchase as there are plenty of other haircare products I could buy that smell better than this!

Not pictured: Palmolive Strawberry Soother body wash (which I loved and would repurchase if I ever ran out of body washes!), Yankee Candle Autumn Fruits (I'm going to buy a ton of Yankee Candles when I'm in the UK) and some toothpaste (Had to repurchase for obvious reasons. Have you ever had to buy toothpaste? There are so many options!)


  1. So many mascaras! I love the Swisse hand cream! I bought a 100ml version

    1. It's crazy how many mascaras you manage to accumulate, even without trying! It was a hand cream worth repurchasing (way better than all of the other hand creams I've gotten from sub boxes). The sample of it seems a lot more handbag friendly than the full sized though unfortunately.

  2. Ohhh some good empties this month! So many mascaras! I can never bring myself to throw away mascaras.. only because I love them so! :D haha!
    I also love the nail polish remover pads! Sooo easy!

    1. It's easy to throw them away when you use one and have to take it off straight away because it sucks! It would be hard to throw away mascaras that worked though (but why would you, haha!).
      I can't believe how long it took me to start using nail polish remover pads - they're so much easier to use than liquid remover!

  3. Oh my , love your mascaras <3 Let me steal your baby lips? they're my fave thing!
    Noor @ Noor's Place
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  4. I need to chuck out a few mascaras when I get home too!

  5. love your tips! hi honey! what do you think of following each other? please check out my blog and let me know :)

    much love,