Thursday, 14 February 2013

Review: Be Yourself Nail Polish Remover pads

After being introduced to nail polish remover pads by Bellabox with the 4me nail polish remover pads, I was instantly converted. For me, remover pads are so much easier than using liquid nail polish remover. I ran out of my 4me pads last month, and they were only restocked on the website yesterday, after I'd decided to cancel my membership. While I was in the city doing some shopping recently I noticed these remover pads by Be Yourself. I had a friend post about these on instagram recently saying they smelt amazing, and seeing as I had run out of nail polish remover (both pads and liquid form!) I thought I may as well give them a try. They come in a whole range of scents but I decided to choose peach.

First of all, these DO smell great! You wouldn't think they'd be capable of doing anything but smelling pretty if you didn't know what they were. They are also a lot drier than the 4me remover pads, dry enough to have me thinking that these were old and dried out and that they were not going to work at all.
Nope! These worked fine at removing nail polish! I managed to remove a whole manicure in a few minutes with just one pad. It was just regular polish, and I'm not sure how they would stand up to glitter as they're really thin and you'd probably need at least 2. These pads aren't supposed to be anything other than nail polish removers, unlike the 4me pads that are also supposed to condition your nails and cuticles, which is probably why the 4me pads have a lot more liquid in them. After I removed the polish I washed my hands (which I've always had to do straight after using the 4me pads, read about why here on Kat's blog Kitsch Snitch) and noticed stringy pink bits on my fingers (I was removing pink nail polish) which is something that's never happened before when removing nail polish! They did leave my nails feeling a lot drier than normal remover but I put a coat of Sally Hansen Diamond Shine top coat on straight away and then papaw ointment on my cuticles (I should probably get some cuticle cream!).

left: pad before use, right: pad after removing polish from both hands

Nails after using remover. They're in pretty bad shape as it is but the remover did dry them out a little.


So far, I'm quite happy with these! I might have to use them a few more times before I can really decide (especially because of the stringy residue! weird!). I found them in Price Attack for $4.95, but I'm sure you'd be able to find them at many places.

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