Tuesday, 12 February 2013

MUA Haul!

I first heard of MUA just after they had done their 25% off offer for 25K likes on facebook. They had offers every 5000 likes they received from 25 000 likes. I almost made a purchase during their 35% off sale, but decided I should just fill my cart and wait till the 50% off offer and see if I still wanted those things. Turns out, I really did! I did make a few adjustments to get to the minimum spend of £15 after discounts (a few things I did want were already out of stock!). I ordered the first day of the sale and had the 'paypal problem' where I got a receipt from paypal but not an order conformation from MUA. It took a while for it to get resolved (Only because I didn't realise you have to go onto the website to reply to the 'ticket' and not reply to the email) and I got the order within 2 weeks of sorting the order out.

So here's what I got

Pretty Pastels eyeshadow palette
This is the thing I think I wanted to get the most for some reason. I've heard that some of these shadows can be chalky and sheer, but I'm hoping with a bit of primer I can use these.

Glitterball eyeshadow palette
I got this one because it was the only palette left (as well as Pretty Pastels) that caught my attention. I would have liked Dusk till Dawn or Glamour days, but I do like the look of this, especially the gold and pink shadows.

Matte single eyeshadow shade 19
I only have a few matte shadows in my collection and nothing dark enough. Also, this single eyeshadow is huuuge!

Liquid Eyeliner shade 3
After really getting into liquid liner I've decided to give something other than black a go.

Pro-Brow eyebrow kit
I never do my eyebrows, but would love to give it a go. I do have an Australis pencil but it seems to look a little harsh. This also has a massive mirror. It would be great for traveling, but the case seems to be magnetic but doesn't seem too sturdy.

BB All in One beauty balm light
This is something I bought spur of the moment to make up the minimum spend! I still haven't read any reviews on it! Hopefully this works out well.

Lipstick in Shade 15 Juicy
I've already used this (it's the product I opened and used as soon as I opened the parcel) and so far it's great. It smells like vanilla! It's a bit more fake than MAC lipsticks scent, but it's still nice. This was also a lot more opaque than I thought it would be.

Shimmer Kisses bronzer and blusher
These weren't something that I intended on buying (I was going to get the mosaic ones), but because I wanted them anyway I thought why not buy them instead because they do seem nicer. I've been avoiding bronzer for the longest time because I'm as pale as a ghost, but I tried using my Nude by Nature bronzer the other day and it didn't go too badly. I think this bronzer is a little to shimmery to use as a bronzer and would be better used as a blush. As for the blush, the lighter shades look like they'd be great highlight colours and the colours swirled together would be a my kinda blush!

Nail Varnish in Pistachio Ice Cream
I needed a nice pastel green so this was an obvious choice to try out their nail polish.

So far I'm pretty darn happy with MUA products, and I really cant wait to get to the UK so I can visit a Superdrug and swatch everything. I'll be sure to do a review on things once I get a good chance to try them out, so let me know what you want to know about first :)
I also picked up a few doubles, because I'm planning on holding my first giveaway soon! I just have a few more things to get hold of.

Have you tried any MUA products before? What are your favourites?


  1. I don't own anything from MUA but all of these look great :) that nail polish colour looks very pretty

    1. It's annoying we don't have a cheap brand that's as good as MUA - It's even cheaper than Essence! I'd really suggest picking up Undressed if you ever buy anything from them :)

  2. Great haul! That lippie colour looks gorgeous!

    1. I'm happily surprised with the lip colour!

  3. I'd love to know what you think of the brow kit!

    1. I'll try and do a review asap then :)

  4. Love the liquid eyeliner; I prefer them to pencils and gels.

    1. I prefer them to pencils too, but I haven't used a gel yet! It's a really pretty colour too.

  5. I got my mua in the post today! your haul looks great :)

  6. I would have picked up the blush and bronzer too! I am still to do a MUA order as I am apprehensive to buy anything I haven't swatched. Would love a review :)

    1. It is a bit of a risk but it helps that there's reviews for their stuff all over the internet. Good thing it's really cheap (except the shipping). I'll review them soon :)