Sunday, 22 June 2014

Wish list: Birthday!

This was going to be a wish list for winter, but then I remembered something special that was coming up soon.. My birthday!! I turn big ol' 23 on Tuesday, so can no longer sing 'I'm feeling 22. Poo. It's a bit of a meh birthday to be honest. I'm not doing anything exciting, just going out to dinner with friends, family and the boy. I mean, last year I spent my birthday in Paris (well, traveling to Paris, we didn't get there until late afternoon), so you can't really top that. So here's a bunch of things I'd love for/to wear for my birthday. Even though there's only 1 thing I could actually get by my birthday, haha.

Wishlist: Winter
Redwood Black Therapy Shoes c/o FSW $45.99  //  MAC Bloody Brillant Eyeshadow $44US 
Lime Crime Babette $18US  //  Asos Faux Pearl Triangle Swing Earrings $9.80
All Bands on Deck dress $54.99

It's almost the end of June and I still don't have a good pair of winter boots! I guess it's because it hasn't actually been all that cold. I've have started having a look at boots, and I kinda like these! I've always hated boots with an elastic side like this, they remind me of the boots I had to wear horse riding as a kid which I thought were butt ugly. I haven't been able to fork out money for a new pair of boots yet, but hopefully I can get these soon, especially because they're not pricey at all.
Of course I've managed to find myself wanting items that we can't get in Australia yet. I saw this eyeshadow palette in a pixiwoo video the other day and loved it! I've heard mostly bad things about MAC eyeshadow quads, that they're shadows aren't as good as the single shadows. I don't care. It's pretty! As for Pure Heroine, I'm all about purples! After getting Lime Crime Airborne Unicorn, and then Poisonberry, I'm still after more purples! The darker the better.
I've heard about a thousand good things about this Benefit eyeliner! I have a few eyeliner pens, and a couple of gel liners, but I'm still not satisfied (My Shiseido one is great, but I lack a decent brush to apply it with!). I'm going to have to go to Myer to check this one out though. The last lipstick on my Lime Crime wish list is Babette. It's out of stock everywhere. I won't give up though!
These earrings are super cute! I usually can't wear earrings like this, but these are studs! I love striped dresses, and this dress has a lovely fit too. It would look so cute with a cardigan, stockings, and the boots and earrings shown here.

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