Saturday, 28 June 2014

My Life in Pictures #9

As you can see, basically the last 2 weeks revolved around food. It was really nice spending a lot of time catching up with friends, and it especially made up for the cold weather! The next few weeks will be a little quieter, spent inside job hunting. Hopefully I'll manage to fit in a day to the snow to do a bit of skiing though. The last few weeks I found a photo app that lets me upload portrait photos to instagram, which is a huge help as my new Sony Xperia phone has a really short lens compared to the iphone.
The photo a day project I was involved in this month is coming to again, and I'm really considering going for another month. Some days it's tough to come up with something, but most of the time I'm super proud of my photos, and end up taking a photo of something I would have photographed anyway. I'm also less afraid of taking photos in public now, no fear of taking photos of pretty flowers in peoples front yards, or of a particularly good looking meal.
1. Having tea at Adore tea with friends. The cup said "One may forgive a murder - but a blunder in tea making, never". Also the tea was creme brule flavour, delicious!
2. After my job interview a few weeks ago, I decided to treat myself to some froyo. It was excellent. Chocolate, red velvet and raspberry tart ice cream, with cookie dough, cheesecake, mango, lychee and blueberry bursts, coulis, coconut and milo.
3. Trying out Lime Crime Mint to Be. I'm surprised how much I love this green shade, I think it's going to be amazing for summer.
4. While walking the dog I came across some daffodils! It's quite early to see daffodils about, but I'm not complaining, they're my favourite!

5. While my mum was gardening last weekend she found a frog hiding underneath a pot plant! Crazy!
6. For my birthday I made a pumpkin pie, and oh my it was delicious! You can also see the flowers the boy got me in the background... daffodils and roses.
7. I took this picture of Sadie while walking the dogs, for the #fmsphotoaday challenge. The prompt was sunflare. 
8. My friend and I went out to dinner to the restaurant where the boy works. needless to say I got the plate with the love heart on it :) It was a baileys creme brule with caramelised fig ice cream and berry coulis. So delicious!

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  1. Your froyo creation looks so dang delicious! You have me lusting after some, now!
    Kallie - But First, Coffee

    1. Haha, I am totally the same whenever I see someone eating froyo, I want it so bad!