Monday, 16 June 2014

W7 Glitter Polish: Multi Dazzle and Pink Shard

I went to Chemist Warehouse recently to check out their 50% off sale. I've never actually been to a Chemist Warehouse before, I don't live near one. There wasn't anything I had in mind to buy, so I just had a look. I ended up getting a foundation to leave at the boys house (Revlon Colorstay, so much better with the pump!) I didn't want to walk out with just that, and these glitters caught my eye. W7 is a budget brand from the UK. I never paid much attention to it when I was over there (think BOE from Big W and LOL from Kmart) except to have a quick look at their mascaras. Well, turns out they sell it at Chemist Warehouse and their nail polish are $3! There was quite a lot to chose from, but I went with some glitters.
top-bottom: 3 coats Multi Dazzle, 3 coats Pink Shard, 1 coat multi dazzle over Australis Peek-a-Boo, 1 coat Pink Shard over OPI Italian Love Affair.

Pink Shard is a clear based glitter with medium pink hexagons, and white medium hexagons, small circles and thin strips. It also has some medium and small blue glitters in it, not very many but enough to make it seem like it's on purpose. They don't really show up on the nails. Pink Shard has pretty good coverage with 1 coat, with 3 coats being enough to cover the nail.

Multi Dazzle is clear based, full of pink, red, blue, green and silver medium and small glitters. I bought it as a replacement for OPI rainbow connection which has started getting lumpy and gross. I probably would have preferred to pick up the Ulta3 rainbow glitter, but I haven't found it yet. Multi Dazzle's coverage is pretty appalling. One coat gets very sparse coverage, and 3 coats is not much better! This is one of those polishes that you have to dig for glitters.

Both polishes take a while to dry, and can be pretty gloopy already. For $3, I wasn't expecting anything great though. Pink Shard seems to have way more white glitters in it than purple, so would probably benefit from being put over a pink base if you were after a pink manicure. Their bottles are very similar to OPI, as is their brush which is very thick and great to get good coverage. I would like to try their coloured polishes though, to see if they preformed better.

Have you tried a W7 polish? What's your favourite glitter polish?


  1. These seem pretty decent! I haven't tried anything from W7 but have seen their stand in Chemists Warehouse. I like the look of Pink Shard!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    1. They don't seem to be a brand we hear anything about, so it doesn't jump out at us, I think. It's a really pretty glitter!