Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Lime Crime: Geradium, My Beautiful Rocket and Airborne Unicorn!

I've had my eye on getting some Lime Crime lipsticks for a long, long time. It seems like every blogger raves about them, which doesn't help me forget about them. Thanks to Jasmine from Sweetaholic Beauty's epic Lime Crime Collection post and a little bit of time, I finally took the plunge and made an order. Choosing was not easy, there are so many beautiful, bold shades. I wanted to get Poisonberry, but it was out of stock, and ended up picking 3 equally gorgeous shades.

I ended up ordering Geradium, My Beautiful Rocket and Airborne Unicorn. I ordered them off ModelRock Lashes as they seemed to be the cheapest ($19!!). They came super quickly, with a cute handwritten thank you card. I love it when online stores do that! 
Geradium, My Beautiful Rocket, Airborne Unicorn.

I am super stoked with these. They're such unusual colours (for people who aren't part of the blogging community, haha). I haven't been wearing anything else since I got them!

Geradium is a neon coral pink. It's definitely more pinky in real life than the internet had me believe, but I'm still happy with it. It's a great colour to bright up a dull day. It's very similar to Sportsgirl Catwalk Queen (which I'm not sure is sold anymore anyway) but is way more wearable.
My Beautiful Rocket is a bright, light orange. I own a few almost-oranges, like MAC Vegas Volt and Australis Honky Tonk, but this is real, actual orange. Like the colour of carrots. It's fantastic!
Airborne Unicorn is a bright purple. After looking online I was worried that it wouldn't be dark enough, as it looked like violet it most swatches I've seen, but I was pleasantly surprised when it wasn't! It's been my go to lipstick at the moment, and it's prefect for winter when you don't want a bright pink but you don't want a really dark lip. I really just can't say enough good things about it!

These lipsticks are really creamy, pigmented and long lasting. They do need a few coats to get a good, even colour, but it doesn't feel too heavy. They do need touch ups after eating, but you can have a drink without needing to re-apply.
The containers are cute too, and are really easy to find at the bottom of your handbag.
natural light (l-r) Geradium, My Beautiful Rocket, Airborne Unicorn

natural light

My Beautiful Rocket
Natural Light

Airborne Unicorn
natural light

Since buying them I've placed another order for Poisonberry (after spending many hours searching for it online!) and Mint to Be. Babette, the last on my list that I need (I will buy more though), still seems to be out of stock everywhere.

What's your favourite Lime Crime lipstick? Or what's on the top of your wish list?


  1. I'm happy I inspired you hehe! Airborne Unicorn looks pretty snazzy on your lips so I can definitely see why that's a favourite for you hehe :)

    1. hehe thanks! Current favourite... until Poisonberry shows up!