Saturday, 8 December 2012

Wish list: future purchases

Lately there's a few things on my wish list. I guess this is more a shopping list, because I do plan on actually purchasing most of these items in the near future.

Wish list

1. OCC lip tar in pageant and trollop    
2. China Glaze Holiday Joy set Wings of Wonder containing Blue Bells Ring, Champagne Kisses and Cranberry Splash   
3. L'Oreal Miss Candy collection color infallible eyeshadow in Innocent Turquoise   
4. The Body Shop Cranberry Joy body polish  
 5. The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle shimmer lotion  
 6. Covergirl Liquiline blast eyeliner in Blackfire and Violet Voltage.

I've been wanting to get an OCC lip tar ever since I first read about them. They sell them on the bellabox web shop and out of the few they sell, I really like Pageant and Trollop and will purchase them next time I want to get something from a box (to get free shipping). For some reason, I'm totally in love with the China Glaze Holiday Joy collection! I've never even used China Glaze before but I want to get y hands on all of them. This gift set coincidentally contains 3 of my favourite shades from the collection! However, I did buy some Ulta3 polishes that look like they could be dupes of these so I'm going to hold off on getting these.  I read about the L'Oreal Miss Candy collection from the blog Makeup and Macaroons and knew I had to have some of the eyeshadows. I haven't tried the color infallible eyeshadows before so hopefully I manage to get my hands on some before they stop selling the collection (I had a look in Priceline with no luck). As you've seen in my November favourites post, I love The Body Shop Christmas collection. I think I've finally decided that the Cranberry Joy body polish and the Ginger sparkle shimmer lotion are the products I will buy. I've been looking for a good, relatively cheap, purple eyeliner ever since I got a makeover at The Body Shop (I couldn't bring myself to spend the money on The Body Shop branded one). I've heard good things about the Covergirl liquiline blast eyeliners, so I'm keen to try the black and purple shades. (Between writing and posting this I managed to buy Australis 10 hour wear eyeliner in grape cake, but I'd still like to try the black Covergirl eyeliner).

What things have you got on your shopping list? Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of them?

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