Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas tag

I decided to do this tag after reading it on Jasmine's blog. I'm usually a huge grinch so I'm not sure how interesting this post will be :p

What's Your Favourite Thing About Christmas?
I guess I should talk about Christmas in Australia first, because Christmas in the northern hemisphere is a whole other world! 
I like presents! I like buying presents for people and finding the perfect thing for them (and I love the excuse to go shopping, but I don't like the Christmas crowds!), and of course I love receiving presents. I love the food (more on that later) and now that I'm old enough, the excuse to drink before midday!
I did spend one Christmas in the UK though, which was really magical. We were lucky to have a year with a lot of snow, with my favourite part being the German Christmas markets in Edinburgh.

What's Your Favourite Make Up Look For The Christmas Season? 
Because I'm the grinch, I think doing your make up to look Christmasy is a bit tacky, and I'd prefer to do my make up for the season (summer) instead. I'm loving bright coral and pink lipsticks. However, I have been using Christmasy colours on my nails.

 Real tree or fake tree?

Real!! My family have always had a real living tree, and it lives outside most of the year. They are a bit hard to take care of in Australia because of the summer heat, but I think it's worth it. We are also probably the worst at decorating it, but I prefer having a bunch of multicoloured sentimental ornaments on it than it looking perfect and colour co ordinated. I did buy a small fake pink tree from work this year though, because it was pink.

Giving presents or receiving presents?

Do you open your presents Christmas Morning or Evening?
Morning! As if I could ever wait till the evening to open them, haha. Although now my sister and I are getting older, it's almost afternoon by the time we get out of bed on Christmas. I do have to wait till the evening to open presents from my boyfriends family though.

Handmade Christmas Cards or Bought?
I really don't have an ounce of creativity so I just buy my cards. I do like to get nice ones though.

What's your all time Favourite Christmas movie?
Love Actually.

Whats your Favourite Christmas Food? 
 I don't like roasts, so I'm not a fan of traditional Christmas foods. I love seafood on Christmas! Especially prawns and baby octopus salad. We also eat potato salad and bean salad. Last year mum made the nicest duck ballotine that had a pork and cherry stuffing, but she managed to lose the recipe for it.


  1. I love the Tardis ornament! My tree topper is a home-made Tardis! Gotta love Doctor Who!

    1. That's awesome! I've also seen pictures of people turning their whole tree into a Dalek and it looks wicked.

  2. Your tree is adorable! Love the ornaments, it looks so special and personal!

    1. Thanks. My sister and I used to make decorations at primary school, and my parents have kept them all. We're decoration hoarders :p

  3. I love that you tree has a tardis on it <33333