Tuesday, 18 December 2012

L'Oreal color infallible eyeshadow review +FOTD

If you read my recent wish list, you'll see I've been lusting after one of the eyeshadows from the Miss Candy collection after seeing them on Makeup and Macaroons. After looking in Priceline with no luck, I decided to check out Target. I found their Miss Candy stand fully stocked, AND 25% off! Win! I love all the colours in the collection but decided to go with the 2 most wearable ones, Tender Caramel and Innocent Turquoise. I also managed to pick up an Australis Ready to Mingle set for $5 (Australis has been discontinued from Target and they had heaps of Australis on sale, but most things weren't cheap enough), Maybelline babylips in pink blast (because I've somehow lost the other million babylips I owned) and had an embarrassing moment in the counter where I had accidentally picked up the tester instead of a new eyeshadow (whoops!!). Anyway, onto the actual product.

These eyeshadows are so creamy and pigmented and just all round lovely. They last a long time on your lids without creasing or smudging (They didn't even budge when I had a bit of a cry when my car broke down).  They're both iridescent and Innocent Turquoise has hints of gold through the pan, but they don't show up when used. I've also found that Tender Caramel works great as a base for a neutral smokey eye look.
swatches without flash

swatches with flash

I used both eyeshadows when I went to work the other day, with Tender Caramel all over the lid, and Innocent Turquoise as a liner. I really like using this colour as a liner, and think it adds a nice subtle bit of colour.

What I used
Bourjois healthy mix foundation in 51
Benefit Girl Meets Pearl
Benefit Sugarbomb blush
L'Oreal color infallible eyeshadow in Tender Caramel
L'Oreal color infallible eyeshadow in Innocent Turquoise
Covergirl lashblastvolume mascara
The Body Shop lipstick in 48

Now, I'm in a bit of a pickle here. I really like these eyeshadows and would consider buying more (especially the other's from Miss Candy, if on sale), however I know L'Oreal are known to conduct animal testing. I try to buy cruelty free whenever I can (sometimes I can't resist temptation, which is why I could never be a vegetarian, or rich) but lately I've bought a few products from another brand who don't claim to be cruelty free (Revlon). I've done a lot of reading and it does seem that things surrounding animal testing are a lot better than they used to be (a lot of companies claim they only conduct animal testing when required by law, which I think seems a bit fishy if other companies can manage to be cruelty free). However I would still rather buy from brands that actually have the cruelty free logo on their products (which isn't all that hard, seeing as Australis, Face of Australia and Covergirl are all cruelty free).


  1. Wow, these look lovely. I am drawn to Tender Caramel but I have sooo many neutral shades it would be terrible of me to pick up another.

    1. Maybe you could use that as an excuse to try out one of the other colours? haha.

  2. Thw blue is such a gorgeous colour! x