Thursday, 22 May 2014

Wish list: Modcloth

Modcloth Wishlist
1. Work to Play dresses in Navy and Eggplant      2. Great Wavelength dress  
 3. Rad To the Bone dress     4. Foxtail and Fern Dress in Leaf
5. Spirited Sojourn flats in coral and blue
6. Love is the Arrow necklace    7. Perk me up bag in Toffee

I used to be obsessed with Modcloth. I haven't bought anything from them in a long time, and while I was away I didn't even bother to look at it. I'm in a bit of a rut with clothing and I feel like I want to buy an entirely new wardrobe, and Modcloth is the worst at the moment. I want to buy everything off there! I'm mostly looking for work appropriate clothing at the moment, as I want to get a lab job.
You can totally tell from this wish list that there's a certain style of dress that I feel most comfortable in. I have a dress very similar to the Work to Play dress (see an outfit post with it here) and I just feel that its the perfect cut. These dresses, pared with a cardigan or light jacket, stockings and some cute flats would be perfect for colder days or even for work. Dress number 3 is really rad, I love anatomy so anything with bones on is awesome in my books. Want to hear the best part? It glows in the dark! My sister thinks it's a bit naff, but I love it!
I don't really wear much jewellery apart from earrings, but I think it's nice to have a couple of necklaces to pull out every once in a while. I have an arrow necklace I scored from Colette for $10 or something ridiculous, but I've work it so much it's starting to rust a bit. This one is really delicate and cute, and would make the perfect replacement.

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