Thursday, 29 May 2014

Wish List: Cruise Kitsch

For a few weeks now I've been dreaming on going on a cruise. I've spent my days off trawling forums and finding out everything I can about cruises and different companies, and now I have my heart set on an 11 day pacific islands cruise on Carnival (They have not one, but TWO waterslides on their ships!!!) The boy and I have convinced a bunch friends to join us too, so all that's left to do now is get some money together so we can book this thing! Now I'm searching for some outfits to wear while away. I'm totally one to wear kitschy hawaiian dresses with bright, tropical print. Think trashy vegas. I do (unsurprisingly) already have a few dresses that are perfect, but it's 11 days, and I'm starting to think I'll be needing quite a few more.

Cruise wish list

Anchor Values swimsuit top $49.99 and bottom $39.99

Tropical print dresses are my top pick for cruise outfit. You can throw one over your bikini when you're done swimming and want to do some drinking (or eating, I guess) somewhere that's not the pool deck. This one from Forever 21 is just perfect for that. As are the Sourpuss dresses, and holy moly, look at those prints!! I honestly can't decide which one I prefer, Sharks or pineapples and tikis? All I know is I need them, both! They're both a style that I really like to wear (Thick strap, skater skirt) so I think I'll get more wear out of them than just a cruise.
I imagine I'll be spending most of my onboard time wearing thongs, most likely plain old cheapy Kmart ones. But, if I wanted to get some that were a little more dressier, these are perfect! How cute is the shell on top!?
I love stud earrings, they're all I can wear because I used to have my ears stretched. These ones are super cute, and I especially love how they're miss-matched. They're from an Australian ebay store, filled with tones of really cute pieces, which are also super cheap.
For something a little more fancy for the evening, a longer skirt with a plain white shirt would be perfect, and this skirt is beautiful.
Last, but probably most importantly, is a bikini (or several). With all the water slides and pools on board, and beautiful clear beaches at each port, I don't think there'd be a day spent out of the water. I used to really struggle finding a bikini to fit me. There is no way I could ever get away with wearing the usual triangle bikini, or worse, a strapless bikini! I need support! Luckily though, bikinis with thick straps and underwire are starting to show up everywhere, so bikini shopping isn't a complete nightmare. Modcloth have a huge range of great bikinis, Seafolly (although expensive) do some rad ones too. Even places like Cotton On are selling bikinis for bustier women now. Yay! My tip? If you want to buy off Modcloth, wait until the end of Northern hemisphere Summer... they have great clearance sales so you'll be paying around $30 for a top instead of $70!

Have you been on a cruise? Got any tips?
Or are you dreaming of a holiday somewhere too?

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