Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Illamasqua Blush in Katie

Another first in my series of new high end blushers! I haven't tried Illamasqua before, it's not sold in Canberra. I don't even think I came across the brand in my travels, but I've heard lots of people rave about their blushes, along with the rest of their products. A few weeks ago I went out shopping with my friend, and we found our way into Mac and Mecca. I looked at a few Mac blushes, but decided to have a look to see if I could find a Nars blush that I liked. I did, Gaiety, but unfortunately they didn't have it in stock. But fortunately for me, I went home and searched Asos and found this gem!

Katie is a matte, light pastel pink blush. You can tell from the swatches that it's a very sheer, light blush and probably wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea.  I'm very pale though, so it's a perfect wash of pink on my cheeks. It is a little bit powdery, as you can see from the last picture, but it's not really a problem. It blends very well, and is easily buildable.
The container is great, sturdy, and I love the irregular shape.

As for value for money, it works out to be $7.7 per gram through Myer, who sell them for $35 (I bought mine slightly cheaper from Asos for $33). This works out to be a little more expensive than buying a Mac blush, where you get 6g for $41, or $6.8 per gram. Both are better than Nars, where you pay a whopping $10 per gram, as they're $45 for 4.5g.
I would like to get more Illamasqua blushes though, even though they're $1 per gram more expensive than Mac, I'm unlikely to ever get through one of these blushes, let alone 6g of blush! I hear good things about their cream blushes, so I have my eye on a few of those.

Swatch in natural light: Heavy (l), blended (r)
with flash

What's your favourite Illamasqua product? What is your favourite brand for blush?

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