Sunday, 5 February 2012

What I wore... snack attack!

I wore this when I went to a friends house for dinner. I got this dress a couple of days ago and it is so lovely! I've wanted it for a while, but wasn't sure I was ready to spend $70 on it. But, I love food, so much, so I thought I may as well. The print is so bright! It's full of my favourite foods too... burgers, hotdogs, chips, cupcakes, ice cream, milkshakes! At the moment it's a bit low cut, and a bit big in the chest area, which is really unusual in a dress for me! I've heard that it shrinks in the wash, so if that doesn't happen I'll have to get mum to alter it. It goes well with the rings I bought recently too. I'm wearing the green cardigan I got at an op shop for $5 recently, and the red shoes I got from the kids section of a shoe shop. They're so cute!

Today I went back to uni. It was much better than the first day last semester, we only went over unit outlines, but it's going to be a tough semester! One class focuses on muscles, which when we covered those my first year I almost failed! Hopefully my refined study techniques will help me because I do NOT want to have to go back to uni next year, haha! Also, that lecturer is taking a couple of students out to lunch each week for a chat... and free lunch! Which makes up for the hard subject, for me at least. Also had to buy a new laptop charger today because I keep running over my old one and it broke. This is the second charger I've had to buy so I might take care of this one!

I'm cooking burgers for dinner tonight! With cheese filled patty's. Yum!

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