Wednesday, 8 February 2012

kitchen inspiration

I cannot wait to move out. Basically, only because I want to have my own kitchen. Mum and I have completely different tastes in kitchens. She likes minimalistic, white and aluminium. I like PINK, retro, and to have things on show. It's not going to be for a while, but I cant' help but look longingly at pictures of pretty kitchens and think of how I'm going to do mine!

Last time I went to ikea, I bought two sets of kitchen canisters.

I love the plain cupboards with pink accessories in this kitchen. I also love the glass cabinets so you can display your kitchenware!

 The pink cupboards in this kitchen are such a lovely colour!

This kitchen is to die for! So much beautiful kitchenware!! And of course, the pink kitchen aid mixmaster!

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  1. i love those last two kitchens so much! that refrigerator in the last one is so perfect!