Monday, 27 February 2012

Show time!

This weekend I took a break from my usual weekend job of making coffee to work at the show! Making coffee! Haha. I was working in a snack shop taking orders and making coffee and it was pretty fun. I met a few of the people working once before so they weren't all new, but I got on a lot better than the last first day I had at a new job.
I got a few chances to walk around the show. I finished at 6 on Saturday and had a quick look around. I also got there early on Sunday and had a look at some of the animals. The animals are definitely the best thing about the show. Far more interesting than all the rides! I also found some Italian greyhound puppies that are up for adoption soon, and I'm currently discussing with the fam whether or not an iggy would be suitable for us. It is looking good so far though! I got a break that day too where I managed to get a few showbags (full of chocolate and lollies!). Here are some photos I got on my wonders around.

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