Monday, 22 October 2012

Wishlist: Lipstick

I  have a tiny collection of lipsticks. Currently most of my lipsticks are reds - and mostly really cheap ones (except for one Chanel one, which is not even my favourite!). I own 3 other colours, 1 is Australis lick the icing, and the other 2 are bright pink shades that I won (and are pretty much exactly the same).
I feel it's about time to branch out and try something different.


1. Face of Australia lip quench in lychee crush  2. Australis colour inject mineral lipstick in honky tonk  3. MAC lipstick in venus  4. MAC lipstick in vegas volt  5. Lime Crime lipstick in retrofuturist.
I've been really digging nudes and corals lately, and I'm planning to get my hands on lychee crush and honkey tonk in the near future (yep, the staples for Aussie girls. I've been looking for lychee crush everywhere recently and haven't been able to find it). I have a friend who bought her first MAC lipstick recently and raved about it. Right now I'm not willing to spend $36 on a lipstick (yeah what?! $36!? ps I got my Chanel one duty free in Hong Kong). However, when the time comes (ok, when I next travel overseas and can get it duty free/in a cheaper country) these are the two shades I'd love to try, they're not all that different so either would do. They're both lovely corally colours.  Ok, so the last one on the list is another red. But it's such a nice red, and I've heard so many great reviews about it that I could justify adding it to my collection of other reds.


  1. I really want to try Lychee Crush but it's sold out everywhere I go too. Mac lipsticks are lovely, I picked up so many in America for $13.50 the mark up in Australia is ridiculous. Some MAC shades worth checking out are 'ravishing, angel, ruby woo, lady danger and snob'some are really bright but they have so many good shades

    1. Oh man, $13.50 is so cheap compared to Australian prices. Thanks for letting me know about those shades, there are so many its a little overwhelming at first.