Monday, 8 October 2012

Body shop party

Last weekend I went to a Body Shop party at my boyfriends house that his sister was holding. It was manicure themed so we did our nails while we shopped. We soaked our hands in this amazing milky bath powder stuff (I wish I could remember what it was!) and painted them. The consultant bought her own nail polish and I used OPI Tropical punch, which I loved and then found out it was discontinued :(
Anyway, on to what I bought.

Mango body scrub. This stuff is ah-may-zing!! It smells so good and it makes my skin feel lovely. I have dry skin, and I've only just started using scrubs but I can tell this is a great one.

Born lippy in lychee. This smells great and feels good. I thought it would be a light pink, but it's actually clear. It does have a bit of a sparkle in it so I'm not really disappointed with it.

Lily Cole lip + cheek dome in pinch me pink (which I managed to get for free because the BF's sister hosted and she is super lovely!). I've never used creme blush before so that might be why I can't get this right. It's quite sheer, but I guess that's good so you can build it. It is a great colour though.

Lily Cole cheek tint on my cheek.

Organic cotton moisture gloves. I get dry hands from washing them a lot at work, so I hope this helps.

I'm going to another body shop party at the end of the month (hopefully) and there's a few things I'm really keen to get my hands on then! They've got christmas things now and 2 scents are cranberry and gingerbread. YEP! I'm going to have to work hard to restrain myself from buying all of those products!
1. Cranberry body polish. Not too sure what body polish is, but it sounds nice. And Cranberry is my favourite.
2. Ginger sparkle body butter. This would smell too amazing not to get!
3. Extra virgin mineral foundation. I had a look at this at the party, and it looked like it would be really good. It's also SPF 25 which is a plus. I have already bought some Nude by Nature powder (almost a month ago and I still haven't got it! Worst online shopping experience ever!), but if I don't like the NBN, I'll give this a try.
4. Born lippy in pomegranate. This one has more colour to it so it might give more of a tint on the lips.
5. Shimmer waves in blush+bronze. The consultant used the bronzer on a few girls at the party and it looked great, so I'd like to give this a go! You can also use is at eyeshadow which is good. And I'd love some more blush.


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