Tuesday, 16 October 2012

October Bellabox

I am SO happy with this bellabox. Maybe it's because the last subscription box I received was just awful, but I think it's mostly because this box is great. There isn't a single thing here that will be tossed aside, which is great.

Box contents (minus the choccie, I ate that straight away)

In the box:

DKNY Fresh Blossom Eau So Intense: I'm always happy to receive perfume samples in these boxes. It's something I would usually never be able to afford to buy, and now I've got a few of theses sample vials around if I ever want to smell pretty. And this one smells VERY pretty! 

Carmex moisture plus extra hydrating lip balm - sheer pink tint: Yes lip balms! And tinted! And full size! This does leave a lovely pink tint on the lips, and is super moisturising. ++.

Clinique extra turnaround concentrate radiance renewer: Ok, so I'm not quite sure what this is supposed to be, but from the product card it looks like an exfoliator. But you don't have to use water? It's very gentle for an exfoliator, and I'll use it anyway to see what it does.

Estee Lauder Resilience Lift: This wasn't on my product list, but a friend got the exact same products as me and got this, so I don't think that was an accident. I'm not sure if I need something like this but I'll use it anyway.

Bobbi Brown extra repair eye cream: Everyone seems to be really excited over Bobbi Brown, so I expect good things from this. Extra moisture on the super dry skin around my eyes can never hurt.

Prestige total intensity eyeshadow in Spellbound: This is great! In the pot it looks pink with a gold sparkle, but it's mostly just gold when applied. It's super creamy and is really long lasting. I've worn it for 6+ hours now without any fading.

Organic rose hip skincare seed oil: I haven't used an oil before, but I'll try this on my hands with my body shop gloves at night.

Adorn mineral eye create intensive eyeshadow in Obsidian: This is a browny gold colour. It looks nice and I will definitely use it. I haven't yet so I have no idea how long it lasts.

L-R: carmex lip balm, Prestige eyeshadow, Adorn eyeshadow

Prestige and Adorn

I'm looking forward to see what Lust have it! give us this month. I wasn't happy with last months box and I'm giving it another month to redeem itself. Not sure if I need 2 boxes a month and so far Bellabox is far better.


  1. I loved my Bellabox too, but mine was a little different from yours... I got the pink carmex, a bourjois eyeliner and a nail polish as my full sized items. I didn't like last months Lust Have It either, I really hope they lift their game

    my Bellabox review:

    1. It would have been awesome to receive the nail polish, but then I remember I don't need more nail polish and I could do with some more eyeshadow. It's like they knew that.