Thursday, 22 March 2012

What I wore...

Today I went into the city to do something super fun and secret with my friend Nicola. I can't keep secrets so you'll probably find out soon enough. 
I really like this dress! Although, the shape is a bit funny. It's fine with a cardigan and belt though. The cardigan is my go to cardigan at the moment. I wear it with everything. All together, the outfit cost less than $25!
It's a bit cold and really windy today. Looks like it might rain. Perfect day to stay inside. When I was shopping today I started feeling a bit sick, so I'm going to spend my afternoon watching tv in bed. Nice way to start a week off uni, too!

Dress: back of a record shop ($10!), cardigan: op shop, shoes: cotton on
broach: Gemmas Jewellery Gems, belt: from another dress.

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