Monday, 5 March 2012

things I like

This cat picture

This dress from modcloth.

This brooch. I bought this and 2 other cute brooches from Gemma's Jewellery Gems yesterday. She has a sale on at the moment, too!

This beautiful kitchen!

This cutie, who currently goes by the name Tiny. He's only a few weeks old and is so so so adorable! You'll be seeing a lot of him around here very soon! He's totally making me more of a cat person.

Some more things I like...
My friend Tash's tumblr. It's a big collection of beautiful photos and I know I'll be checking there regularly for inspiration. Check it out here.

It's autumn! It's going to start getting cooler. Which means warm jackets, hot chocolates and skiing!

Draw something! So much fun! I'm addicted. My username is Klerr, if anyone wants to verse me. Just a warning - I can't draw!

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