Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Things I like...

So, I used to have stretched ears, 8mm. I took them out in January and they're not quite closed up yet, but I can wear big studs if they have big backs! So now I've been looking at cute earrings to wear (I had stretched ears for almost 6 years!) These ones are lovely.

Shirts and dresses with ties on them! This one is super cute. And I've started liking green apparently!

These DIY candle holders are a great way to use old jars.

This picture

Kaylah's weekly nail blogs!

Other things...
- I bought The Walking Dead season 1 at JB on the weekend. And then finished watching it. Oh WOW, it's good! Wishing someone told me how great it was sooner! Can't wait to start watching season 2.
-Making delicious food with veggies from the garden!

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