Wednesday, 7 March 2012

What I wore... Paris Dream

Dress - Ally, Sunglasses - vintage via ebay, Belt - from another dress
long sock - factory outlet (I've forgotten where), Boots - Doc Martens

I got this dress last winter. It has such a lovely cut, and the print has the eiffel tower on it!! It's got lots of skirt and is the perfect length! It is a littttle tight, which is why I've only worn it a handful of times. Note to self: try clothes on. I've finally figured out a way to get it on by myself. It has a zip which is almost impossible to do up (another reason I never wear it). Hopefully I can lose a little bit more weight from going to the gym soon so I can wear it more often, haha!
It's starting to get cold here! I love winter, so I'm excited about this! I love wearing stockings with my dresses, and cardigans, and scarfs! I love hot chocolates and lying in bed under a warm doona old freezing cold days watching tv. And skiing! I went downhill skiing in year 9 with school for the first time and it was so fun! I hadn't been since until last year where a bunch of friends and I went to Blue Cow for the day. After the bunny slope we hit a pretty hard slope which took a while to get down then back up, but once we got back to a more beginner slope I picked it back up really quickly and didn't want to stop! The boys were all snowboarding for the first time so didn't pick it up as easily so they were't confident to take on more advanced slopes, but they went a second day and got a lot better. So this year we're going to hit the slopes again, hopefully more than once this time. I really can't wait. Winter is the best.

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