Saturday, 28 January 2012

Coast Trip!

Just spent the last 3 days at my friend's house at the coast. Had a blast and we didn't even end up at the beach!
It was raining a little when we got there, but we still ended up in the pool!
Australia day was our friends birthday, so after a big breakfast we went to play tennis, which was actually really fun, and I was pretty good even though I'd never really played before. We had to play the start of the hottest 100 out of the car. After tennis we commenced the drinking and sitting round listening to the radio. Also jumped in the pool a few times. I made a bet with Adam that Gotye wouldn't win hottest 100. Which was a bit silly, but good thing it was only $5.
Yesterday the weather was a bit crappy so we went into town to get some fish and chips and catch up with a friend. Also got some ice cream and a lot of lollies!
Fun 'weekend'. I shot 3 rolls of film, one using a panorama camera I got recently, so I'm excited to see how they turn out! Here are some photos from my phone though.

 Wicked old bus we saw on the highway

Coming down the mountain. It's a pretty scary road, but the view makes it worth it.

 We had to stop for some cows crossing the road, so we became real tourists and jumped out of the car to take photos.

Birthday cake! Baked by my friends' mum. It was really good.

Friends backyard was covered in flowers and was really pretty. I took some good photos of my friends playing in the flowers with my film camera.

When we were eating fish and chips, there were people cleaning fish near us. So a couple of pelicans swooped down to watch. They're scary birds!

Finally, the view from my friends backyard. It's so beautiful there.

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  1. Wow that looks like an amazingly beautiful place to visit! I'm kind of jealous.