Thursday, 19 January 2012

Untitled #22

I have a few obsessions. Modcloth and food are two big ones I'm fighting, or not fighting at the moment. I spend a lot more time and money on modcloth than I should. Maybe it's not so bad though, clothes shops here at the moment aren't so great, so I'm forced to spend my money online so I don't have to wear their crap. Either way, I should probably stop spending money here. I have enough clothes at the moment, and I really need to start saving so I can travel! I've already received the shoes, the purple dress, and the ring and I love them all! They go together so lovely. All of my friends know I love food. I talk about food a lot... so the good enough to eat dress was pretty much made for me! I cannot wait to get it. In other news, I spend $20 on A merican chocolates, and some lollies today. Yum!

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