Sunday, 22 January 2012

Movie Marathon

I've never been a big movie buff, I've usually preferred to watch tv series' rather than movies. I haven't seen movies like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and a lot of other movies that people can't believe I've never seen. These holidays I tried to fix this. Not exactly by watching movies people would classify as 'good', but I've been to the video shop at least once a week since the start of December. I made a list of movies involving apocalypse, virus outbreaks, aliens and zombies to hire. Unfortunately, the list is so full of absolute rubbish that I've only managed to find about half of the movies and I've been to a few different video stores, and looked in JB. Anyway, here is a few of my favourites (so far).

Dirty War
This movie is about a terrorist attack in London using a 'dirty bomb', which is a homemade nuclear device. It shows the lead up to the attack, and how the police tried to track down the terrorists before they could set the bomb off. It's pretty interesting if you're into that kind of thing - in my case nuclear bombs and their aftermath. This shows the government having little to no clue about how to deal with this sort of situation.


This movie is about an ebola virus making it's way into America from a monkey. It shows the potential of the virus, luckily only contained to a small country town, to spread very quickly. The government want to destroy the town to contain the virus, but microbiologists are sure there is another way.
A very young Patrick Dempsy is in this movie, which was a mega bonus, and it's also got Morgan Freeman.

Deep Impact
A giant meteor is going to crash into the earth and cause an E.L.E, or extinction level event. The government plans to send up a ship called Messiah to blast it with atomic bombs. They have also built caves for people to evacuate to until the the earth is habitable again incase the Messiah doesn't work. This movie also has Morgan Freeman in it. This is probably the best of all the movies about impending doom from meteors (which basically all use the 'lets send people, sometimes not even trained astronauts, up to space with a nuke to destroy the meteor before it can kill us all' plot) Armageddon comes second.


Independence Day.
Will Smith is really hilarious in this movie! All movies, really, but he makes this movie about 100 times better than what it would be. There is also a trip into Area 51! Spaceships hover above several US cities and eventually destroy them. Survivors flock to Area 51, where they find aliens and alien spacecraft. An IT nerd and Will Smith (air force pilot) need to fly the alien spacecraft to the mothership so it and the ships on earth can be destroyed.

Other top movies include: Contagion (both the new and old versions, although the old one has awful acting I love infectious diseases!), Super 8, Armageddon, 28 days later, Dawn of the Dead and The Andromeda Strain. Also, if you're up for a tv series, Jericho is amazing. I'm a bit of a fan of Skeet Ulrich in it!

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