Monday, 23 January 2012


Today I went to drop 2 rolls of film off to get developed. I usually go to Kmart, but Toby reminded me they tend to stuff me around a lot, so I tried the dry cleaner/photo place on the same level as my work. Usually Kmart takes a bit over a week to get film back because they have to send it to Melbourne. Not this place! I got the photos back today! Here is some of my favourites

From Groovin the Moo in May last year! was crazy to find pictures from that long ago on there. I think I have even older ones on film I still haven't finished. I'm pretty sure this is Darwin Deez.

 Ballon I saw floating along one morning before work.

This is the front of a cute little shop in Braidwood called Hoola Hoop. They sell 50's style clothing and accessories. The wicked car out the front belongs to the shop too!

These two photos are from a recent trip to Batemans Bay. The weather wasn't good enough to go swimming :(

Sadie making friends at the dog park. One of the few times she hasn't whimpered out and stood at the gate crying to get out. She's very timid.

 Barbeque at Uriarra.

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