Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Wish list: Now I'm home

I've had enough time now to sit down and browse through some blogs. And I think my wallet wishes I hadn't! There's so much I need to catch up on beauty wise, and it couldn't come at a worse time... when I don't have an income!


1. Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette            2. Benefit lollitint
3. L'orel Paris False Lash Butterfly Wings mascara             4. MAC lipstick in Saint Germain  
 5. Nars blush in Gilda

I must have been living under a rock for a month because I have only just noticed the Too Faced Chocolate Bar eyeshadow palette. This is seriously pretty! I really love how the 2 highlight shades are bigger, because I end up using up the highlight shades way quicker than any other. The shade range is beautiful. You can never have too many neutral palettes, right?

Lollitint came out a while back now, and I have had a chance to look at it in store. It's gorgeous! I think it's the perfect shade for a tint. Light pink with a hint of lavender. I have one benefit tint, which I don't really use, but I think I would get a good deal of use out of this.

I confess, I'm someone who doesn't throw their mascaras out every 6 months. I throw them out when they start drying up and not working as well as they used to. I'm at a point where most of my mascaras are getting to that stage, so I'm starting to look at a new mascara. This one really caught my eye. I have seen an add for it, and I really wish they wouldn't use fake lashes to advertise mascara! The plastic wand is the type I like, and I love the idea of the winged brush.

I wish I bought more MAC lipsticks overseas, but there weren't any that stuck out as something I needed. Until I got home and decided I need more light pinks. Saint Germain seems like the perfect pink to fill the (rather small) void in my lipstick collection, it just sucks that they're so much more expensive in Australia! I might need to look up some dupes!

Lastly, as you saw in my previous post, I've fallen in love with Nars blushes. A trip to Mecca is in order I think, but I've had a look online and Gilda really stuck out to me. I love orange toned blushes, peaches and corals are my favourite.

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