Thursday, 10 April 2014

Urban Decay Ammo Palette

Another lovely prize from a giveaway from Sophie from Born to Buy was the Urban Decay Ammo Palette. At the time I won this, I didn't have any other UD shadows. Before I got home and got my mitts on this palette, I bought myself the Naked 3 Palette (read my review here). I loved it, so was excited about getting to play with some colourful UD shadows!
This palette is in cardboard, but is surprisingly sturdy. I wouldn't be worried about traveling with it at all. This is the first release, which comes with the dreaded double ended sponge applicator. It's not my first choice of applicator, but I do find it comes in handy with cream eyeshadows and to highlight the inner corner of my eye. It comes with 10 of Urban Decay's best selling eyeshadows, which are a lovely mix of colours and neutrals, so a large amount of looks can be created with this palette. They are arranged in pairs, so the top colours compliment the colours below them, but you really can use any combination of colours!

Smog - Deep caramel shimmer
Mildew - Light mossy green shimmer
Oil Slick - Glittery black
Last Call - A lovely deep pink shimmer
Chopper - Light carmel with glitter.
Maui Wowie - golden brown with glitter. (FYI, this is also the name of a strain of marijuana. I did not find what I expected when I googled this shade name.)
Shattered - Light blue with glitter
Polyester Bride - Off white shimmer
Grifter -  Light pinky lavender with glitter.
Sin - Champagne shimmer, the perfect highlight shade.

In direct Sunlight - in the same order as the palette.
Natural light.
With flash.

The formulas are lovely and pigmented, and so easy to blend. There is a lot of fall out with glitter, but I haven't found it to be a problem. Last Call is my favourite of the lot, but I find it to be the least pigmented of the lot. Maybe that's just me being picky, or maybe it's because I'm not using a primer. I'm on the search for the perfect pink, this is lovely, but not it. There is also enough neutrals in this palette to create every day looks, maybe not so much work appropriate because there is a lot of glitter and shimmer. I've had a lot of fun playing around with the the colour in this palette and I really can't wait to get my hands on some more UD shadows!

This palette is available off Beauty Bay, in the second release of the palette - Ammo 2. This release comes with a 'good karma' brush rather than the sponge applicator, and a primer potion sample. Also, the shades are apparently Urban Decya

What's your favourite Urban Decay palette? Or your favourite colourful palette?


  1. I so love those colors!

  2. Those colours are stunning! xx