Sunday, 30 March 2014

My first Nars blush (and bronzer!)

Nars blushers have always been something that I've looked at in awe, and have never been able to justify buying. Even overseas, where they were a little bit cheaper, I couldn't bring myself to pay £22.50 (which is $40 at the moment) for one blush. Really, I can count the times I've been into Mecca on 1 hand... what's the point of swatching something you know you're never going to buy?
Then along came Sophie from Born to Buy with a giveaway, and I was lucky enough to be the winner! I decided that although I wanted to play with my new presents ASAP, that it was easier for both of us if she sent it to my home in Australia, rather than all the way to the UK. After a few months, I had almost forgotten about it, so when I came home one of the first things I did (after cuddling George of course) was rip open my package! Along with a bunch of amazing products (including a lovely UD palette and beautifully scented Créme de Rose lip balm), was a mini Nars duo of Orgasm and Laguna.
Although it is mini, I really don't find it hard to get into the product at all. I usually use a Thin Lizzy brush as my blush brush, as it's smaller than a kabuki, but big enough to cover my cheeks. I don't find I have a problem getting at the blush, and never accidentally get any of the bronzer. The packaging is really sturdy and sleek. The mirror is a little bit pointless in such a small product. Even if I was traveling I would have better mirrors to use, but it's does make the product seem a lot nicer than if it wasn't there.
In the shade
In the sun
Orgasm really is worth the hype. It's so soft and so easy to blend! The colours are absolutely perfect for me. Pinky peach, with gold shimmer. It's not as pigmented as I was expecting, but I prefer that with a blush... there's nothing worse than accidentally putting on too much blush and looking like a clown! It's buildable, so you can get a nice subtle wash of colour on the cheeks, or go for something a bit stronger.
In the sun
Natural Light
With Flash

As for Laguna, I am a real rookie when it comes to bronzers. I can't get them right. I'm super pale, so whenever I use one I feel like I've just got dirt on my face. However, I have used laguna once as a bronzer, using my Real Techniques setting brush and it didn't turn out too bad. Like Orgasm, it's really easy to blend, which I hear is the key to getting bronzing right.

So, would I pay $45 for a blush? You betcha! I'm not in any hurry to drop that cash on one blush just yet, but I will for sure sometime in the not too distant future!

What's your favourite Nars blush? Or product? Do you think they're worth the money?


  1. This is too cute! I want this now, it's gorgeous! Lucky you for winning it, I would have been so anxious to get home haha xx

    1. I was mostly too busy to think about it sitting at home, luckily! I also made up for it by buying a little too many other products :p