Friday, 4 April 2014

OPI Euro Centrale minis!

The OPI Euro Centrale collection has been out for a while now, I know. I never really paid much attention to it before I went to Europe. But now I've been to Eastern Europe, the area which these polishes base their names from, I've opened my eyes and realised how pretty these colours actually are! They're like little souvenirs of my adventures! I was eyeing the larger bottles off towards the end of my travels, and although I knew there was a mini collection somewhere, I was going to wait and buy a few full sized bottles when I got to duty free in Sydney airport. But of course, they didn't have them. But then my lovely friend Patty bought these for me when we went for coffee recently because she's amazing.

The mini collection consists of 4 colours,
Can't find my Czechbook - Bluey teal. It also makes use of a pun that got extremely overused while in Prague.
Suzi's Hungary AGAIN! - Coraly Red. Another overused pun from my trip.
You're such a BudaPest - Grey toned purple. This joke also doesn't work if you're using the Hungarian pronunciation - 'Budapesht'.
OY - Another Polish Joke! - Yellow gold glitter with a clear base.
Can't find my Czechbook and You're such a BudaPest both apply opaque with about 3 coats, Suzi's Hungary AGAIN! only takes 2 coats, and the glitter takes about 4 coats, and that's with a colour as a base. The glitter in OY-Another Polish joke is really tiny, and quite sparse. When I applied it over 1 coat of You're such a BudaPest, I needed 4 coasts to get a decent coverage, and could have even gone another coat. That being said, because the glitter is so tiny, you could get away with just using one thin coat over other polishes to give them a nice gold shimmer. If you're looking for a full on gold glitter, I would suggest trying Ulta3 Precious (if you can get your hands on it).
There is a little bit of shimmer in You're such a Budapest, but you can only really notice it in certain lights, like in direct sunlight. Unfortunately it doesn't photograph, so I can't show you.
They wear like your average polish. I usually find I get chipping the day I apply polish, which I found with Can't find my Czechbook, but I've worn You're such a BudaPest for a day now and had no chips! This was over Essence Studio Nails XXL nail thickener, and only had Essence nail art express dry drops put on top.
Can't find my Czechbook, Suzi's Hungary AGAIN!, You're such a BudaPest, OY-Another Polish Joke.
Natural Light

I think the mini's are an excellent way of allowing you to own a lot of a collection, without having to spend all your money on full sized bottles. They can be quite annoying to apply, as you need to make sure the brush is really full of polish to avoid the polish going on unevenly.
This set also had the colours I wanted from the collection, except for which is a really beautiful blue, teal and purple glitter.
OY-Another Polish joke and You're such a BudaPest

Can't find my Czechbook

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