Monday, 8 April 2013

Weekly Nail: Watermelon

I've been meaning to get out my Essie Bikini So Teeny collection for a while now, but have pushed it back for pastels. This week I wanted to use Mojito Madness , and decided to pair it with Off the Shoulder. This combination made me immediately think of watermelon and summer! I'm a lot happier with my polka dots this week, and took a bit more time to do them.
Off the Shoulder and Mojito Madness

This week I've started packing! Yes, I don't leave for another 6 weeks, but I'm packing up all of my things into boxes, just in case of the unlikely scenarios of if I don't want to come back, or I move out straight away when I come back, or if mum and dad decide to rent my room out to international exchange students. I'm sure none of those will happen and I'll end up coming back to live here for a little bit next February, it's good to go through all of my stuff and throw out everything I don't want. I've now got a pile in the corner dedicated to things I want to sell in a garage sale and I've only done about a quarter of my room. It's also making me realise how hard packing for my trip is going to be. The boyfriend mentioned when we were going through my shoe collection that I was only allowed to take 2 pairs of heels with me. How am I supposed to choose!? Then, when I talked to my mum she said I should probably only bring 2 pair of shoe all together. And this is all before we start talking about what makeup I'm restricted to bringing, or nail polish. At least my nail polish is going to a good home while I'm away, I'm letting my boyfriends sister borrow it so it doesn't sit in a box being unloved.


  1. Gorgeous mani!
    And sounds exciting... I'd love to be your boyfriend's sister right now :P

  2. Thanks!
    When I told her she got so excited! So it's definitely going to a good (temporary) home.