Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Feb-March Empties + Giveaway Reminder!

I didn't use up many products in the last 2 months so I thought I'd lump them all together in one post. I did well using up products in January, but the last 2 months it seems I've just been using up things that I'll need to replace! I'm trying to get rid of as much as I can before I travel, so you may end up seeing more not-actually-emtpy products being put into the bin next month, especially a lot of samples that I got from subscription boxes.

Head and Shoulders shampoo
Top anti-dandruff shampoo that doesn't dry the crap out of my hair and make it frizzy. When you're using a Head and Shoulders Conditioner they actually become a great pair.
Will repurchase.

You, Me and Everybody Sumptuous Skin Mousse
This isn't finished, but I'm sick of seeing it because I never use it. It smells funny and doesn't help my dry skin at all... I much prefer using The Body Shop Body Butters!
Will not repurchase.

Maybelline Dream Matte powder
I've had this for a looooong time so it's good to finally finish it. I used to just use it as a foundation (resulting in ghost face) but lately I've pulled it out to set my liquid foundation and do touch ups throughout the day. It's great for touch ups because it has a mirror and it's own pad (which did get really gross towards the end there and I probably shouldn't have put it anywhere near my face!)
I would repurchase if on sale, but I bought a Rimmel Stay Matte powder to replace this.

The Body Shop Mango Body Scrub
This was a lovely coarse scrub meant for very dry skin. It smelt delicious, but although it had a 12 month expiry date, it started to lose it's scent after only a couple of months.
I would repurchase, after I've used up my million other body washes and scrubs!

Herbal Essences Conditioner
I really didn't like this, especially with the shampoo. It kind of dried my ends out a bit and I had to wash my hair more often because my roots were oily. I bought it because I wanted a coconut scented conditioner but it was a real let down.
Will not repurchase.

Not pictured:
Swisspers facial wipes - These were ok, they kind of made my skin sting a bit though. I may repurchase.

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  1. Nice work!
    it's always a great achievement after using up a bunch of products :)

    I haven't opened my you me and everybody cleanser, now i'm convinced that I won't use it.. it's hard to find a cleanser that caters for dry skin!


    1. *just took my bottle out* it's supposedly designed for dry skin?!!! .. oh boy. :s

    2. You never know, the cleanser might work better? I mean, the mousse wasn't really bad and it certainly didn't dry my skin out more than it already was, I just need a super heavy duty moisturiser like body butters to keep my skin from being dry.

  2. I actually like the You Me and Everybody Face Milk, which is basically sunscreen designed for your face... I tried the skin mousse and while it was a fun concept, it didn't do a whole lot for the skin, so I can see why you wouldn't bother :P

    1. I wouldn't mind trying other products from the range. The Face Milk sounds interesting - I hate using sunscreen on my face because it smells and it's usually too thick, but I haven't tried any designed for the face. The mouse just didn't work for me, and maybe that's the reason I haven't seen any other product like that on the market.

  3. I thought I was following you! I am now though :) I don't like the You Me and Everybody moisturiser either! I'm currently trying to finish it but god I hate the smell.


    1. I think the smell alone is worth chucking if for, especially when there are so many nicer moisturisers on the market that aren't all that expensive.

  4. Wasn't impressed with You, Me and Everybody Sumptuous Skin Mousse either! I hate how it is fragrance-less!

    I had to throw my Heads & Shoulders shampoo away because I was getting really unsightly dandruff, and it made my scalp itchy :(