Saturday, 6 April 2013

Battle of the BB creams Feat. Nude by Nature, MUA and Pond's!

I'm here today to share with you all my BB cream collection. My collection is quite small, and is composed of mostly not so well known BB creams within the Australian beauty blogging community! Or in fact, maybe they're not so well known at all? I haven't really seen reviews on these, so I thought that it's my job to tell you all about them.

First up, Nude by Nature. This was my first BB cream, and to be honest, it was a real let down. I'm not sure if it's because I'm not putting enough on (although I thought the idea was to use only a little?) but this just doesn't work. It's kind of thick, and doesn't blend in at all. When you try and bend it in, it leaves streaky lines, and when you try and blend those in it just ends up coming off. If you're having a good skin day - I'm talking perfect skin here (I have dry skin so usually I have a few dry patches), it does blend in ok, but it really has no coverage and looks like you're not wearing anything at all - in a 'you're actually not wearing makeup' kinda way, not the good kind. I really wanted to love this product, but it just did not work for me. I do like the scent of this though, so that's a plus?

MUA's All in One Beauty Balm. This really feels like more of a foundation than a bb cream. It's very thick and gives about a medium coverage (although this is coming from someone who has owned all of 4 foundations in my life, 2 of which were when I was in high school and didn't know anything about makeup!). Unfortunately, sometimes this goes on very streaky and can be very difficult to work in, and can even accentuate the little hairs on your face! No one wants that! Luckily I've managed to use this without problems more often than not, so it's not a complete waste. It does leave your skin a little dewy, and evens out skintone (by covering everything up!). I bought this in the lightest shade - light - and found it was a little bit too light for me, which I was pretty surprised with seeing as I'm usually the lightest shade in foundations. For £3 (about $4.37 Australian at the moment) you can't really complain! I don't think it's possible to get any face product for that price here!

Pond's Age Miracle BB- I won this BB cream from a giveaway, and Jasmine got this in Indonesia. Hallelujah! This is what a BB cream is supposed to be like. It has the thinest consistency of the 3, and is the easiest to work into the skin. I found I need a decent amount of this to get it over the face, but I use my fingers to apply so you could probably get away with less if you were to use a brush. I found this was slightly grey toned, but that was fine for my pale ass skin. You can tell from the pictures that this is the darkest of the 3, but it definitely works with my skin.

I've included some swatches. I apologise that they probably aren't the greatest photos to accompany this, but you get the general idea of the consistency and colour of the creams here. I wanted to include blended swatches, but because they're BB creams, blended in they kind of disappear because their aim is more skin perfecter rather than coverage. In the top photo there is blended product below the swatches, and the bottom has blending above (which you can see a bit better).
(l-r) Nude by Nature, MUA, Pond's


  1. My favourite BB creams are still asian ones. I think they are different.

    1. The one I have from Indonesia is definitely the one that's done it right, the others aren't quite there.

  2. Best BB creams are Asian try Elishacoy, Missha and Skin79 to name a few. Everything else is repackaged tinted moisturiser. I've tried nearly all the western ones they just don't compare! You can find them online you really should give them a go just to see the difference for yourself :o)

    Jac x0x

    1. Thanks for the tip! I'll keep a look out for some of those brands when I stop over in Malaysia next month. The NBN one is so different from their tinted moisturiser (which blends well) and the MUA one is just like a cheap foundation.